Common Challenges Teachers Face while Teaching Small Kids

It is a common misconception that teaching small kids is an easy task. It is as tough as taming a circus lion. Because a kid is small, he may not obey and follow the teachings of his parents and teachers prescribed to them, just as a circus lion tends to disobey his masters. 

A teacher or a parent may face challenges along the way while teaching their kids. This article will cover the difficulties a teacher or a parent may face while teaching small kids. It will also provide solutions to overcome those challenges. These solutions can be in the form of apps or other informational material that may prove helpful for teachers.


Some common challenges faced by the teachers in preschool while teaching small kids:

  1. Managing kids
  2. Executing the school curriculum
  3. Communicating with parents
  4. Handling paperwork
  5. Lack of recognition and value
  6. Seeking new opportunities
  7. Low income
  8. Maintaining discipline
  9. Time management
  10.  Pressure from school administrations

While these are some challenges that a teacher may face while teaching small kids, teachers need not worry about the challenges because we will now look at the solutions to overcome these challenges. 


This section will cover the solutions a parent or a teacher can access when teaching small kids.

The solutions are:

  • English vocabulary app
  • Word train app

English Vocabulary App

English Vocabulary App

English vocabulary apps are useful when managing the time and cost of a kid. Parents and teachers can save their time and money by downloading this app. This app introduces essential elements and objects to the kids. They remember the names of the things by looking at them and hearing the sound of the shapes, which increases their vocabulary. 

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Alphabets Vocabulary Book or English vocabulary app is a beautiful and colourful app for young children comprising 26 letters of English alphabets. It enables them to recognize and name the letters and the sounds they make by looking at some interesting objects. An ideal feature for educating early learners is that they should be able to recognize alphabets both in capital and small letters along with related words. To make things easier, more words are introduced with one alphabet than any other app available.


Some salient features of this app are:

  • Four carefully selected Fonts for memorizing alphabets’ shapes
  • Up to 8 vocabulary words for every letter 
  • Objects Sound Effects
  • Available in five different languages.
  • Zero distraction of any user interface controls
  • Carefully selected colours
  • Soft background music option
  • High Definition content for retina display
  • Swipe left / right gesture to navigate between letters

These features can overcome the challenges of managing kids and executing a school curriculum. As this app is also available in 5 different languages, namely English, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch, teachers can find it easy to communicate with parents on a global scale. This overcomes the challenge of communicating with parents. 

More Challenges

Some more gruesome challenges include:

  • Lack of technology
  • Tedious lesson planning
  • Assessment reports 

As we can see, the above-mentioned challenges are truly hectic; for example, lack of technology in this technological era can make a teacher frustrated; the same is the case in tedious planning. When managing a class of 50 above kids, it can be a hassle to make plans, and since not every kid is a fast learner, it becomes more difficult to cater for each kid individually. Lastly, when so many students are taking exams, it becomes even more difficult to handle the paperwork and prepare assessment reports. A teacher may not seek new opportunities, and pressure from school administration can result in the dismissal of a teacher. 

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To overcome the challenges, there are more solutions and responses. Some of these are as follows. 

Word Train App

Word Train App

Word train app is a beneficial app for kids. Words Train is a beautiful learning game for kids that leverages the kids to learn the basic vocabulary words with their spellings. It is a fun way to learn for kids of 4 – 8 years of age.

The kids happily drag the alphabet letters on the train wagons to form the correct spelling of the word. Words Train has 3 letter words up to 7 letter words to teach spelling. A corresponding image is provided along with its sound so the child can get a hint about spelling.

Words Train has an ideal user interface for children that contains beautiful graphics, animation, correct pronunciations, and sound effects. It is a bundle of attractive games that keeps the kids busy in education and is full of fun learning activities. 

This app has a special feature which is known as motivation and encouragement.

Motivation And Encouragement

Motivation and encouragement are essential for kids’ learning ability. Words Train provides an excellent opportunity for parents and teachers to motivate their students on their small achievements. Encouragement builds confidence, and the kids aim to attempt even higher.

Rules And Regulations

There are some rules and regulations present that are necessary when using this app. These rules and regulations define the complexity of these apps when they are in use. 

The first level (Easy) contains 3 letter words; the medium level contains 4 letter words; the hard level consists of 5 letter words, and so on.Each correct attempt adds one star and benefits with coins (Easy +3, Medium +4, etc.).The level is upgraded upon completing all the stars.

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After reading this article, parents and teachers can learn how to deal with the challenges they face while teaching small kids. It is not an easy task, so with the help of this article, parents and teachers can get acquainted with the idea of using different apps to save time, money, resources, and, more importantly, the well-being of their kids. More and more parents are enticed by the idea of using these apps daily to increase the knowledge of their kids and nurture their senses. These apps will strengthen the minds of small kids and make them ready to face problems in life.


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