10 Best Gig Apps That You Must Know

Gig Apps

Are you looking for additional income in your free time? Do you have to wait for the payment after completing your job?

We got you. Go through this whole blog to know the solutions for the same!

There are many gig app options available online, which you can try as a freelancer, and be your own boss!          

Okay, there are indeed a lot of jobs available in the market. But also, the availability of that job role, job types, payment methods, and schedules differs from each other.

Anyways, you do not need to worry about finding the best gig that pays just after completing your work. Because we have done the market research and made a list of gig apps that deliver on the same day!!

Need Some Extra Income?- Use These Apps

Here are some gigs you need to consider when you urgently need some extra income, or you want to do freelancing as a full-time:

1. Handy App

Handy app is one of the leading platforms for connecting people looking for household services with independent service professionals.

Well, handy provides services like,

  • Home cleaning
  • Furniture assembly
  • Wall mounting

Also, it includes other jobs that a customer might need help with.

The main advantage of working as a handyman is that it pays you on the same day and is high hourly pay. It usually pays $20 to $50 per hour.

Well, there are two sides of a coin; if one has an advantage, it is sure that it will also have a disadvantage. So, if we talk about the disadvantages, finding a client takes a long time.

A lot of gigs are there that provide the same service as the handy app offers. But personally, why do we recommend the Handy app? Because it has more available job opportunities rather than any other gigs.

2. DoorDash

Well, doordash is  a USA based company which provides on-demand food-delivery services. It was founded and developed by four college students. As it made a huge impact on the market revenue, everyone wants to know about the doordash business model and how it makes profit!

Basically, the doordash business model is for courier service-connected explicitly with the restaurants’ food delivery service.

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If you are 18+ and have a valid license, you can enroll in this service and make money. Boost your side income with flexible side income. According to ZipRecruiter, the average hourly pay range of doordash is $18.

 Process of enrolling in Doordash service:

-First, get approved on doordash(by providing age proof and legal documents like a valid license).

-Install the Doordash application.

-Start delivering for various restaurants.

DoorDash includes services like,

  •  On-demand food delivery

Enjoy delivering on-demand food at your schedule!

Also, this DoorDash business model is perfect if you are planning to develop a food delivery app.

3. TaskRabbit

When you visit TaskRabbit, you will see a list of available popular tasks and you can apply as per your interest or experience.

TaskRabbit includes the below-mentioned services,

  • Home cleaning
  • Furniture assembly.
  • Painting work.
  • Yard work.

Overall, it includes general handyman-related jobs.

Since TaskRabbit is popular in England, Canada, and the United States, this is genuinely one comprehensive marketplace where you can start making money on the side!

Some of the TaskRabbit gigs even pay high hourly rates, and if you get some steady TaskRabbit work, you can also expect more than minimum wage per day!

4. LawnLove (For Lawn Care Professionals)

Hire a world-class lawn care service in under two minutes,” – Says LawnLove.

LawnLove app opens for lawn care professionals who want to work independently. The app provides a platform to connect professionals to customers in minutes. You have to log in as a lawn care pro on the official application of LawnLove and then build your profile to get connected to needy customers.

It includes tasks like,

  • Aeration
  • Weed control
  • Leaf Removal
  • Lawn seeding
  • Yard cleaning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Lawn fertilization
  • Lawn mowing

If you are a pro in any of these services, the LawnLove app is for you to earn your extra cash!!!

5. Amazon Flex

Adjust your work, not your life– This is what Amazon flex bielives!

Amazon flex basically provides you with day-to-day delivery tasks. You can take tasks as per your availability. You can make plan of week or for a day also for picking up orders for your task. As it provides block systems, you can choose block as per you schedule or availability!

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Task it includes,

  • Delivery

Become a freelancer delivery agent by choosing task per your convenience with amazon flex.

6. Rover

Rover is the top pet sitting and dog walking app. Users will list the service they want from service providers nearby their area. You will have to perform tasks as per the user requirements when you are in charge of that duty.

Get paid to play with pets.” For this, Rover app offers three easy-peasy steps.

  1. Create your profile with appropriate information.
  2. Accept requests from different pet owners.
  3. Get paid through your suitable payment method.

It provides four different services,

  • Boarding
  • Dog walking
  • Doggy day care
  • House sittings-

Rover just made it easy for pet lovers, to earn by just doing their favourite work!

7. Uber Eats

Looking for delivery driver jobs?? Uber eats is the best option for you to get started with!

No boss, Flexible schedule and Quick pay.” – Deliver with Uber eats.

  1. Login with your details
  2. Deliver orders
  3. Earn money

Be the driver of the most downloaded food delivery app and also as per your convenience!

Services it provides,

  • Driver
  • Food delivery agent

It is simple to earn extra money by working on your own schedule using this gig and also, get ready for getting some extra tip on every order!!

8. Jobble

“#1 place for independent workers!” – says the Jobble app.

You will find over 5 MILLION real-time jobs at your fingertips! Yes, it is the largest platform for part time workers as well as for full time workers.

It is easy to find a job at jobble, you just need to,

  1. Find a job as per your choice
  2. Get benefits after completing it

You will get benefits including healthcare services, travel offers, food vouchers and many more!

9. HelloTech

it provides every general IT-related service on demand. HelloTech claims that a skilled technician can earn upto $100 a day! Offering this amount is not bad for part-time earnings. You can start working there if you are experienced at providing the services below.

  • Wifi/Internet services
  • Audio/Video assistance
  • TV mounting
  • Tablet/phone, device service

Also, it asks for an intelligent quality test, which you qualify for if you want to work with it and perform better. It has some pre-set criteria, which you can find on its official site.

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10. Fancy Hands

Basically, fancy hands is a virtual assistant. It’s hourly pay is quite beautiful. It pays $15 per hour. If you are not fond of going out and finding work for yourself, this is the best option you can try with!

It provides opportunities like,

  • Virtual assistant of any business
  • Administrative work

If you are looking for a short term to long term job goal, fancy hands will provide you a opportunity to get promoted to a higher level!

* Let us tell you the pros of working with gig apps as a freelancer,

  • Boost Your Earning
  • Work as Much as You Want
  • Cobble Together Variety of Gigs
  • Schedule Your Job
  • Work as a Full-Time Freelancer

That’s all? No. There is a lot more! You can go with any of the gig that matches your experience in interest.

Concluding Words– With Some Tips

Keep this no-cost advice while planning to work as a full-time freelancer.  

Track your income— If you are working for more than one gig simultaneously, you should keep track of all those for better clarity. You also have to take care of taxes; hence you should be aware of your overall income.

Keep track of your expenses— If you are working with a delivery company or any of the services which consume your things like vehicles, you have to take care of the maintenance bills of your gas, or that particular.

Experiment— You can choose any work as per your convenience from various works offered by the gig apps. There is no such thing as work as per your educational background. You can go from one to another type of task if you have particular real-life knowledge of that.

Be safe while offering services— Your safety should be your top priority when considering earning money for a short-term goal. Just don’t go for only money; think twice before taking any o the tasks.

After all, these gigs can be your lifesaver when you require some extra cash! You can save these gig apps for future reference also!

By Shellina William

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