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Trekking up Pangarchulla Peak is a strenuous journey amidst the towering Himalayas.

A 6 nights/7 days thrilling journey, Pangarchulla Peak Hike is situated at an elevation of 15,096 feet. You pass by the Uttarakhand pilgrimage sites while on this journey. The trek begins and ends in the Dhak neighborhood, a village located a few kilometers from the base camp’s “Joshimath market.” Pangarchulla Peak is a great pleasure for adventure seekers in the Himalayas because it is fantastic in the summer and thrilling in the winter.

Pangarchulla Peak is a stunning smaller version peak close to the Kauri Pass trek in Uttaranchal, and it is situated in the Chamoli District of that state.

When Is the Best Time to Trek Pangarchulla Peak?

The Pangarchulla Trek is excellent for those that have a deep enthusiasm for mountain climbing and consider this a special intention in their lives. That’s a very beautiful uphill trek in the District Chamoli of the Uttarakhand Himalayas.

We are locals from Uttarakhand who have been going on this trek for centuries and have all the necessary experience.

The best time to complete this trek is between winter and summer, especially in June and July. At these times, there is an abundance of greenery and even a little snow at the summit point, which makes your trek both memorable and challenging. Therefore, this hike shouldn’t be regarded as too simple.

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The Pangarchulla Trek has daytime temperature ranges between (Winter Daylight hours -5°C to -10°C and nighttime temperatures between (Winter Nighttime -10°C to -18°C)

While you start waking up from one immediate aftermath to another, Pangarchulla can always be the closest trekking trail in your heart. The views and treks in the Pangarchulla trek offer a lot of harmony to the thought during the day.

How Hard is the Pangarchulla Trek?

The Pangarchulla trek is neither extremely difficult nor particularly easy, but it does fall into the moderate and difficult categories. I have completed the entire trek with people who were trudging for the very first time, and we often had to assist them when they needed it.

However this journey is a little challenging, but you can complete it if you are physically fit and have the motivation to do so. If assistance is required, our guides will assist you; all you need to do is be physically fit and able to complete the trek. One thing is that, as passionate as I am about this, all visitors can do is have courage.

Details of Pangarchulla Peak’s campground at Joshimath

At an elevation of 1875 meters, it is a charming town in Chamoli that is tucked between tall Himalayan peaks. It serves as both the starting point for 10 above-Himalayan treks and the entrance to well-known pilgrimage destinations like Amarnath Dham and is Related to a particular sahib.

As a result of the presence of old temples, the air is spiritual. One of the four “Maths” Atharva Vedas by Adi Shankar Acharya is located there. Away from the noise of the cities, Joshimath exudes a serene charm.

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You will be enticed to return time and time by the area’s pious ancient temples, silent streams, and gushing rivers covered in lush greenery. lovely market

Why use a trek to Pangarchulla Peak?

It is very important to understand the rationale behind choosing the Pangarchulla peak trek before moving on to the itinerary.

First of all, the distance must be covered in six nights and seven days. The distance must be covered on foot for 46 km and by taxi for a total of 625 km. To and from Dehradun

Pangarchulla Peak is a challenging hike that rises to a height of 15096 feet.

Compared to other treks, the beginning trail is moderate, but this trek is challenging. This journey is not suitable for beginners.

You will be able to see a large number of celestial bodies in one location, such as a spectacular view of the Himalayan mountain range, pine forests, and various types of flora.

Think of spending some of your free time interacting with localities to learn more about their local cultures and even some of the ancient Indian mythology. 

Gorgeous vistas call for the proper photography equipment and an additional battery. Only 12 kg should be carried in the backpack.

Pangarchulla Peak’s Major Attractions Time Frame: 

Six Nights Dehradun to Chandigarh in 7 Days

Base camp: Joshimath

Summertime temperatures: Daytime (5 to 15 °C) Nighttime (2 to 8 °C)

Daytime lows in the winter range from -2°C to -5°C. (-5 to -12°C at night)

The height of Pangarchulla Peak is 15096 feet.

Best Period: All Years

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trek difficulty: moderate

Trek length: By taxi 625 km – On foot 41 km

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