Bio about Johanna Java

Johanna Java is a spiritually enriched devoted woman. She led by faith and through her devotion to God in the name of Jesus. Johanna dreamed to help and empower people through the holy spirit.

Let’s see bio about Johana Java

Johanna’s Childhood

Johanna was born in the Dominican Republic. She moved to New York, USA with her mother when she was only 2. Johanna’s mother at an early age, notice that Johanna was special and had a strong prophetic gift as a child. She can guide people and protect them from occurrent events. From childhood, Johanna felt that she was growing up by angels.

Johanna’s Vision

Johanna is a great person. Her vision is to make the world better for life. She is a game changer for the new generation. She gives guidance to the people so that they can live better.

Johanna Java loves to educate people. She teaches others to stroll with the desire and motive of God is pushed with the aid of using a pursuit to raise the new generation. Johanna desires to take humans out of bondage, together with her healing, and deliverance capacity, and rid them of the struggles of their life.

As Johanna grew, she went through adversities that change her perspective on how she sees and views the world. She became more spiritual and where will listen to angels speaking to her. Even in times of danger.

Johanna studied Nursing in the state of New Jersey. But her calling was always helping people through Christ. Her gift plus calling is what she loves the most. Daughter of Prophet Passion Java and mentor by prophet passions Sons. (Prophet Hope Khoza, Apostle Innocent Java, and Prophet Levy.) Has helped Johanna excel in her calling. Johanna java has been sharing the gospel and guiding people since 2021.

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Services Offered by Johanna

Johanna offers various services, such as counseling, prayer service, and WhatsApp group. Let’s jump to read a little more about her services.


Johanna’s one of the most popular services is counseling. Counseling is for those who want their mind at peace, and who want to control their anger. Her counseling will help you to keep yourself safe from the evil people and things around you. You can easily book 1 to 1 counseling schedule with Johanna Java.

Prayer Service

Johanna Java is also offering a special prayer service for all. Prayer is very important for all of us. But for many reasons, we can’t do prayer regularly. Prayer helps to protect us from bad things. You can book a prayer service with her. In this service, you can ask her any special request or send her a special note for prayer.

WhatsApp Group

You can join Johanna Java’s WhatsApp group. It will help you to know more about Johanna’s services. If you have any questions, or you have some problems sharing, Johanna’s WhatsApp group is the best option for you. In the WhatsApp group, you can also share your feelings, thoughts, etc.

End Words

Johanna Java is a very good counselor who is spiritually enriched and led by God. Always she tries to make this beautiful world a better place for the next generation. You can also contact her for counseling or prayer or for both.


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