Bold Tips For Bedroom Wall Art From Top Interior Designers

Bold Tips for Bedroom Wall Art from Top Interior Designers


You can use these tips for bold wall art to make a statement in a foyer, a powder room, or even a pool house kitchen for a bachelor. Find out how the designers of different wall art came up with their ideas.

Tip #1: Stay on track

Even though the beach house is bright and airy, it was important to have a cozy room for rainy days. We chose this textured wall covering because it has a lot of color depth and goes well with the millwork in the room. It makes a rich coastal palette that goes well with the beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean outside.

 We like to keep the number of finishes on architectural surfaces to a minimum. The wall covering told us what color to paint the window trim. It makes the wall covering the main thing to look at.

Tip #2: Make yourself feel calm

I love how soft the colors of this black wallpaper are. It’s calm, peaceful, and elegant, but it still has a touch of whimsy and a modern, feminine feel, which is exactly what I wanted for this space.

Tip #3: Say something

The poolhouse was a great place to use my client’s favorite wall art, “Brooklyn Toile” by Flavor Paper. We changed the floors to a bold cement tile, so unless you looked closely, you might have missed the humor in the toile.

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The matching blue kitchenette also draws attention, making this the perfect place for the bachelor’s pool parties to go all out. Sometimes wall art that makes a statement needs even more of a statement.”

Tip #4: Echo Your Space

The clients were especially proud of their big pieces of export porcelain, which gave this dining room a timeless, dramatic elegance. I chose this beautiful wallpaper that was hand-screened to match the porcelain.

Even though it is a very traditional theme, the strong vertical bands of two very different blues gave the piece a livelier feel. And when you have a large horizontal surface, like a dining table, vertical elements that stand out provide the much-needed balance!

Tip #5: Bring the outdoors inside

Since this room has windows on three sides and views of the pool, ocean, and dunes, we decided to cover the walls and windows with a Sanderson palm print to make it feel like an outdoor space.

The placement of the windows and the slanted ceiling made it a bit difficult to decorate. We solved the problem by papering the ceiling and using the same palm pattern all over the room, even on the lampshades.

Tip #6: Dare to be different in a powder room

Unlike many other rooms in the house, most guests will actually go into the powder room. They will pay attention to everything. This room is very important.

The way you design the walls and choose the mirror, sink, hardware, and fixtures is very important. In this space, I tell a client to be brave.

Tip #7: Consider Texture

His art is a hand-blocked print from Cole & Son’s wallcoverings, and I just love it. Many of their papers are made from old images like this one from archives and botanical history.

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I think this paper looks even better in real life. Because it was made by hand block printing, it has a soft feel to it. The ink sits on top of the paper, which gives it a subtle texture that you can’t find anywhere else.


When choosing black wallpaper patterns, think about how often the room will be used and how it will be used. For a formal look, choose patterns with big shapes and bold colors. For a fun, bright look, choose small patterns with open spaces between them, like polka dots. Don’t forget that borders can look nice.

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