Bomb Blast Candies by Kiwi Foods

We all love candies for eons now. Regardless of the age we just adore candies. But with time the candies got monotonous. With the same butterscotch, chocolate, peanut butter, strawberry flavour people are not interested in candies anymore. With great demand comes great responsibility. SO Kiwi Foods, the leading candy manufacturer in India have come up with a great innovation, the BOMB BLAST. Kiwi Foods is the leading Bomb Blast candy manufacturer in India and it tastes amazing. Why is it amazing you say? As a kid we used to eat either sweet candies or sour candies. No one knew that we have the option of getting a sweet and sour candy and that too at the same time.

If a child offers bomb blast to his fellow students he gains instant reputation. The never before tasted aroma and texture makes it one of a kind. Also if you plan to take some of the Bomb Blast with you to the office we are obligated to inform you this that your boss may immensely adore you and you may become the your colleagues favourite. This is what you get but at a grave cost. You will have to diminish your precious stocks of bomb blast candies. Why is Kiwi Foods the leading Bomb Blast Candy manufacturer in India? It is because of its

  • Unique taste
  • Different texture
  • multitude of flavours- orange, lemon, cola and mango
  • Affordability

The stiff texture allows it to burst tingling flavour in your mouth for hours. Bomb Blast are strange little candies and were incredibly popular in north India and now as we all know it is adored by kids all over the world. There are stories by parents that once they had a hard time finding this candy and then they started hoarding it. It was your love and affection that Kiwi Foods were able to multiply the production of bomb blast candies. They come in four flavours all of them vibrantly coloured. Bomb blast comes in 4 different flavours-Orange, cola, lemon, and mango. It is refreshing to see citrus flavoured candies and that too in four different flavours.

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Let’s us start with the start flavour; lemon. It has a light and minty flavour. Anyone who loves lemon tarts and There are two layering’s one sweet and other is citrus. The taste itself is a weird throwback. It takes you back to your childhood memories but is different and more refined. You just can’t put your finger on it, maybe it is the grainy texture, the bitter centre or the tangy exterior. It has become one of the favourite candies by adolescent age group. The best thing is unlike other ordinary candies these candies will not have an acidic blister ever after consuming half a dozen.

Orange comes in the close second. Anyone who loves citrus multiplied will and should definitely go with orange flavour. The people’s choice might be mango, the king of fruits. Anything tastes better with mango but ironically the mango tastes better with the citrus formulated candies by Kiwi Foods. We cannot forget Cola. Oh the Cola. Kids crave Cola and parents hate providing their kids with cola. We processed the problems with both the parties and have formulated Cola Flavoured Bomb Blast. It is a win-win really.

The sour last longer, much longer than expected. It doesn’t dissolve quickly and stays with the saliva for long. The imminent need to consume a candy is over in a jiffy and that too for hours. Kiwi Foods the leading candy manufacturer in India takes pride in Bomb Blast. Your trust and loyalty is our success story. Anyone who have not experienced the Bomb; it is a shame. What are you waiting for? Go to your nearest retail now and try the all new Bomb Blast Candy by Kiwi Foods and experience the roads untraveled.

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By Myra Singh

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