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Build a new On-Demand Business with Gojek Clone In 2023

Gojek Clone

Building a multi-service Gojek Clone app can be difficult if you’ve already committed a few mistakes. What mistakes? Well, it can be anything like thinking about developing the app from scratch, failing to conduct thorough market research, and so on. 

A multi-service app like Gojek allows your consumers to book more than one service from the same app. Consider how easy it will be to install a single app that allows you to book a taxi ride, hire a carpenter, send parcels, schedule appointments with doctors, etc. 

To define that simply, your customers can enjoy a lot of free storage space on their phones as they don’t have to install multiple apps! 

Do you want to build a Gojek Clone app? Here are two important things to consider when developing this multi-service mobile app. 

Gojek Clone App

Thoroughly Research Your Target Market 

The Gojek Clone app offers 101+ on-demand services. Well, not all of these services will be seen as ‘important’ or ‘consumable’ by the audience of different regions. For example, in the United States cabs are more popular, while in Vietnam, moto rides are preferred. 

Therefore, it is critical to invest time in researching what the audience’s demands are and which services they prefer 

Here are a handful of the most common services that your customers will book, no matter what. 

Taxi booking services

The users can use their iOS or Android smartphone or iWatch to book a taxi. 

If they want to book or schedule a taxi from X to Y location, they can simply log into the app and book the service. Under this service, customers can choose to add destinations later and add multiple stops on an ongoing ride. 

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To put that in simple words, taxi booking is a fundamental on-demand service that must be integrated into your platform. 

Nearby store deliveries

Your consumers may now order groceries, wine, stationery, fresh flowers, etc. online via the Gojek Clone app. Other than ordering items from stores, your customer can also order food from nearby restaurants, prescribed medicines from a nearby pharmacy, or bottled water with beautiful bottle neckers

Your customer can find these items and order from a single app itself. To make deliveries more efficient, the app offers options like – 

  • Normal delivery 
  • Contactless delivery 

Book professional services instantly! 

A Gojek-like app is a fantastic platform that allows users to hire professionals on demand. They can book multiple services from this single app installation, ranging from on-demand doctors to maids, carpenters, car washers, babysitters, etc. 

Instantaneous service booking enables customers to get these professional services at home, any time they want to. 

Once the provider accepts the service request, the user can track their location in real time, call them via the in-app feature, chat with them, track service progress, etc. 

Choose the White-labeling Firm Wisely 

There are an infinite number of white-labeling firms and solutions in the market. Entrepreneurs, here is a short list of factors to note while choosing Gojek Clone app developers. This list will help you avoid those who claim to be the #1 Gojek-like app developers.

Compare the following factors to ensure you are choosing well-established and genuine white-labeling professionals: 

  • They must have been in the industry for at least a decade.
  • They must have produced and launched 1320 apps.
  • The white-labeling firm must display video testimonials from its clients on its official website. 
  • Their package pricing, terms, and conditions must be very clear.
  • They should guarantee you high-quality product delivery in 1 – 2 weeks. 
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In Conclusion: 

If you find a white-labeling firm that offers all of these perks, you know you have found the right app developers for your project. 

Try out their Gojek Clone demo application before you purchase it and make sure you test everything beforehand! 

Tell the experts your customization needs and kick-start your app development! Dear entrepreneur, in just one to two weeks, your business will be up and running!

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