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Build Property on the Moon

Despite the fact that the US has declared the Moon as a national park, the Outer Space Treaty does not allow nations to claim property rights on extraterrestrial space. Developing nations should receive a portion of the resources found Build property on moon.

Outer Space Treaty disallows nations from claiming ownership of extraterrestrial property

Despite its stipulations, the Outer Space Treaty has become a subject of debate among lawmakers and scholars, especially on the question of its interpretations. The treaty limits the use of celestial bodies to peaceful purposes, bars states from installing weapons in Earth orbit, and expressly prohibits military maneuvers and testing weapons.

However, the treaty’s assertion that space is a commons has been challenged by many quasi-comical ventures. Private commercial entities have advanced interpretations of ambiguous provisions in the treaty, and have even claimed that commercial mining of outer space resources is permissible.

According to the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), the treaty’s purpose is to promote an equitable future for all humankind through shared achievements in space. However, it also anticipates the possibility of nations using space in some fashion.

This expectation has led many private commercial entities to lobby for the legality of commercial exploitation of outer space resources. As a result, states have found it more difficult to comply with the prohibition on non-appropriation. This is because private actors can force states to act in certain ways. These actors may also attempt to nudge law toward their preferred interpretations.

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It is also important to examine state practice. This body of evidence is under-researched. For example, the executive director of the National Space Council has publicly stated that outer space is not a commons.

The U.S. views space as a national park

Despite its tepid public relations image, the United States has a lot to be proud of. A recent study finds that Americans tend to be overwhelmingly positive about their government and federal agencies. In the end, it is their unbridled optimism that makes the world go round. After all, the best place to find federal lands is in the air. In fact, NASA has compiled a treasure trove of aerial imagery to showcase some of our best kept secrets. In addition, the agency has put its best foot forward in promoting the benefits of science and technology through public outreach. The latest NASA Space Grant program is a particularly good example of this, as is the agency’s burgeoning internship program. Getting a foot in the door of NASA is a lot easier than you might think. In fact, many NASA employees work at universities across the country.

Space is not only about the stars, but also the stars of your neighborhood. The country is home to numerous stellar national parks, many of which are accessible from space. As such, many of them are best viewed from a bird’s eye view. NASA astronauts have displayed breathtaking views of many of these locales via a series of stunning photographs taken from the air. Moreover, these areas are some of the most biodiverse and beautiful on the planet.

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