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Rishikesh, a well-known spiritual city located on the banks of the Ganges, is the Rishikesh. Because it is surrounded by the Shivalik ranges of the Himalayas on three sides, it offers great spiritual and cultural value. Rishikesh is known for its many tourist attractions and adventures. When you plan to raft or camp in Rishikesh, there are many exciting activities that you can do, such as cliff jumping, bonfires, and in-house volleyball.

Below are some of the top camping spots in Rishikesh

  • Widex
  • Ganga Riviera
  • Gold Coast
  • Ravers Beach
  • Red Chili Camp
  • The Cradle of Life


Wildex Camp is an adventure jungle camp in Rishikesh, located along the banks of the river at Neelkanth Mandir Road. It is a great spot to camp for adventure and fun, with the rippling sounds of the river streams and the views of the lush green forest.

Many activities will test your strength, including climbing, jumping, and bonfires. It is best to combine them all and enjoy Rishikesh’s natural beauty. You will surely enjoy wildex camping in Rishikesh. Top 65 CrackStreams Alternatives Sites To Watch NFL, NHL & UFC

Ganga Riviera

Ganga Riviera is the best camp in Rishikesh, especially for whitewater rafting. Camp Ganga Riviera is a tourist spot of happiness. This place is a wonderful spot because of its lush green landscapes, flowing rivers, beautiful nature, and stunning views. Jungle Camp can be found just 2km from Rishikesh-Badrinath Highway, at the end of the Jhula Bridge. Read Also to know more about the : car on rent mumbai service

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There are many activities that you can do, including badminton and trekking, volleyball, and even water rafting.

Gold Coast

Camp Gold Coast is the biggest beach camp in the entire world. Camp Gold Coast is a great place for adventurers in the Himalayas. It is located 30 km north of Rishikesh, on a sandy beach close to the Ganges.

Camp Gold Coast Rishikesh provides a peaceful setting in Rishikesh. It is convenient for guests who wish to explore the area’s most popular attractions.

Camp Gold Coast Rishikesh has comfortable rooms to suit all needs. The hotel is located a short walk from Laxman Jhula, and a short drive from Shivpuri. Nearby attractions include Pashulok Barrage and Neelkanth Mahadev Temple.

Ravers Beach

Ravers Beach Camp is an ideal campsite. It’s also one of the most exciting destinations for adventure and travel. Reverse Expedition is a team of eager travelers and explorers that provides guests with an unforgettable camping experience. You will have unforgettable memories of the most amazing outdoor experiences thanks to the camp’s adventurous activities.

Ravers Beach Camp is now a hub for white water rafting near Rishikesh.

Camp offers tent accommodation on a sharing basis. You will find separate tents for your toilet, bath, or other purposes. Each tent is equipped with comfortable bedding and outdoor seating. Read Also to know more about the: car rental india service

Many outdoor and adventure sports offer thrilling experiences. Adventure enthusiasts can also enjoy rappelling, bungee jumping, and flying fox. You can enjoy great camping activities such as beach volleyball, badminton, and paintball, as well as yoga and meditation at the camp.

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Red Chili Camp

Red Chili Jungle Camp offers jungle camping and white river rafting thrills.

The camp provides the finest luxury tent accommodation, surrounded by greenery and fresh Himalayan air. The camp also offers comfortable amenities and warm hospitality.

Camp offers deluxe tents that are well-made and equipped with 2 cradles, each with a bed, table, and two chairs. Each tent can be seated directly in front of the tent. A maximum of 50 people can be accommodated in the camp at one time.

Many outdoor and adventure sports offer thrilling experiences. You can enjoy great camping activities such as volleyball, paintball, cricket, roof climbing, and camp firing at the camp.

The Cradle Of Life

Cradle of Life is Rishikesh’s most famous campsite. Cradle of Life Swiss Camp, is one of the most luxurious campsites in Shivpuri Rishikesh. The narrow stream that flows from the ancient Garhwal Mountains is located near the River Ganges. It offers the perfect combination of rugged terrain and fast geography.

There are many recreational activities, including rappelling, volleyball, and other vegetarian options. The camp offers a relaxing stay and the incredible beauty of the surrounding area. Here are the best days in your life, whether you’re with family or friends.

You won’t find a better campsite if you are looking for outdoor activity like volleyball or a campfire.


If you’re looking for the perfect camp for your holiday, Rishikesh is the ideal place. The more luxurious camp offers more activities and will help strengthen your body. You can find more camps, but the best one is there. Don’t miss it!

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