Can A Cold Office Effect How You Work?


Too loud, too cold or too hot – any of these can have an effect on how we work and productivity levels. Research suggests that 25 degrees is the ideal working temperature and for most can be comfortable heat that’s not too hot or too cold.

Creating the perfect work environment comes down to providing the team with what they need to work to their best. Employee happiness will retain staff and product an easy work dynamic.

Loss of focus

Being focused whilst at work is a main priority, it helps to produce the best work possible and keeps your ideas fresh and on track. When you’re cold, your fingers are freezing and discomfort kicks in, the mind can wonder. A freezing cold environment isn’t the best place for creative minds and working effectively Internet and Loan in UAE by Emirates Loans:.

How’s Your Mood?

Lots of things can affect our mood, from weather, seasons and even food!

In the winter, when it’s dark nights, cold and wet, this can cause a drop in serotonin levels. So, if the space where you’re stationed is cold and dull for the entire day, it’s bound to influence your mood, and possibly takes hold of the winter blue.

With lack of daylight and warmth, the winter can trigger SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)


Winter and coldness often bring on a lethargic feeling which is hard to push passed. Not only can it affect how your work, but the motivation you have outside of work too. When you’re not feeling up to it’s easy to let tasks fall behind and the to-do list becomes longer and longer.

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How to beat the cold

Sitting in a cold space, isn’t great for your health but there are small changes you can make that are office appropriate and make you more comfortable.

Layering Up

Whether the office is cold, or individuals feel draft more than others, layering up is the way to go. Being cold can be better than too hot, as there’s always the option to add more layer.

Double up on socks, jumpers and wearing thermals under work clothes could make a big difference to your comfort.

Mini Heaters

With increasing costs for heating and electric, are you confident about boosting the heating? If not, there are other ways to omit heat and get some warmth through your body.

Hot water bottles are great as they can be used at the desk, last for hours and will keep the heat close to the body. Cost effective and doesn’t have to affect the entire office.

Other options are glove warmers which can be single use snap bars or reusable USB options. Whether you have them in gloves or nearby so when the cold sets in you have access to a small device to make you a few degrees warmer.

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