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Canada Express Entry CRS score in 2022: Brief Overview

Canada resumed PR Visa invitations through Federal Skilled Worker Program in July 2022 after a pause in the FSWP ITAs from 2020. Indians are the largest group receiving ITAs under FSWP. They are thus keen to know the updated total cost for Canada PR from India and the required CRS score.

Candidates in the Express Entry system are offered ITAs depending on their Comprehensive Ranking System Score. Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada offers ITAs to applicants in the pool who secure the specified CRS score. All Express Entry selection draws in 2022 have been general draws. It implies ITAs were offered to candidates under FSWP and CEC.

Comprehensive Ranking System Score in 2022

Express Entry draws was resumed by IRCC on 6th July offering 1,500 ITAs to candidates with CRS score of 557 and higher. As the draws progressed in the year the draw sizes increased reaching 4, 750 ITAs in the latest draw. Meanwhile, the CRS score also declined to lower than 500.

The scarcity of workers in Canada is high even as the nation copes with the post-pandemic scenario. The nation has thus recognized immigrants as the chief means of addressing the pressing economic requirements. It was the chief reason for resuming Express Entry draws and a gradual decline in the CRS cut-off in 2022.

CRS score trends in 2022

On the surface, it can appear that predicting CRS score for future draws based on previous cut-offs is quite simple. With the passage of time and an increase in draws, the CRS score continues to decline. But the circumstances are actually complex.

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The issue with applying the previous CRS scores for estimating future cut-offs is the absence of an obvious pattern in the variation in CRS cut-offs. The below table displays the CRS cut-off scores decline as the draws progressed in 2022.

While there is a negative correlation, it is not possible to accurately map CRS scores for the future. The reason is that the decline in CRS cut-off from one draw to another is not consistent.

ITA Draw DateCRS Cut-off score
July 6, 2022557
July 20, 2022542
August 3, 2022533
August 17, 2022525
August 31, 2022516
September 14, 2022510
September 28, 2022504
October 12, 2022500
October 26, 2022496
November 9, 2022494
November 23, 2022491

During the period 6 to 20 July the CRS score declined by 15 points. But the decline was only 3 points during the period 9 to 23 November. Predicting the CRS score for future draws would be easier if the decline was consistent.

The statistical analysis further reveals that the standard deviation amidst Express Entry cut-offs was 21.6 points in 2022. Any candidate in the Express Entry pool is well aware that this is a big margin for prediction error. Further, predicting CRS cut-off based on past scores is not a good technique owing to specific policy arrangements that influence the CRS scores.

Factors impacting the cut-off CRS scores

The first and foremost aspect to be noted here is that IRCC possesses full control over the implementation of CRS scores. It implies that the federal agency is not obligated to follow any trends or patterns. On the other hand, it is completely free to select the CRS cut-off and offer ITAs to candidates based on the economic needs of Canada.

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A classic example of this autonomy was in February 2021. IRCC offered 27,000 ITAs to CEC candidates with a CRS score cut-off of only 75, the least in the history of Express Entry.

The next factor is an increase in CRS cut-offs owing to the specific application currently under progress. For instance, Express Entry pool candidates having a nomination under Provincial Nominee Program can receive 600 extra CRS points. It is only from the nomination itself.

On the same lines, candidates under CEC often possess work experience and education in Canada. These two factors can radically enhance the CRS scores and thus tilt cut-offs for the whole Express Entry pool.

The future trends for CRS score

We cannot precisely predict the future trends for CRS cut-off scores. However, a major policy alteration will be implemented in 2023. It will greatly influence the impact of the CRS score on immigration – the C-19 Bill.

The bill was passed by the Canadian Parliament in June 2022. It authorizes the Immigration Minister to form groups in the Express Entry based on policy targets and offer ITAs to candidates in that group.

IRCC has already declared its intention to implement this policy in 2023. The aim is to directly cater to the economic demands by targeting particular in-demand occupations and professions.

If you are keen to know the total cost for Canada PR from India in 2023 and learn further insights regarding the CRS cut-off trends, contact Nationwide Visas.

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