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Can’t Go Back Now – A Handsome Lover, Far Away But Too Dear

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As she waited for him in the balcony, her shoulder-length brown hair fell. She partook in the lovely summer wind blowing. The street lights simply switched on after the sunset. He pedaled slowly review and gave off an exhausted appearance. She noticed how much tanned his fair skin was. His eyes showed a grin; She felt weak in the knees from his long side glance. She could hear her soul sing. He had left. She had a crush on him. review

Despite the fact that he rarely smiled, she was intoxicated by his love through his captivating eyes. He made the choice to meet her because the evening was magical. He moved quickly ahead, albeit with some hesitation. As soon as she saw him approaching, she burst into red smiles between sips of coffee. He was alone. He looked up at the sky as he got closer to her house, dreaming about the silver moonlight. When she heard a knock, she looked at him; her cheeks flushed red as she opened the entryway in the heartfelt atmosphere of the moon light.

He took her hand, wrote her a note of love, and then vanished. She got a little lost. She was fascinated by his never-curving smile. Love freedom is not always accepted. Love is frequently stifled before it can flourish. He kept quiet because he was sure it was love. Given Eurodate that she was about to tie the knot, her family was pleased. The horoscopes were studied in great detail. They were awestruck because the horoscope predicted that the groom would be from the West. The conservative family had a lot of concern about it. In order to determine the best possible groom and compatibility, it was cross-checked numerous times.

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She kept hitting the gilded cage sides despite her desire to fly high and spread her wings for the sake of family happiness, conservative customs, and social norms. Finally, the final horoscope remedy was revealed. It said that the best results would come from balancing the west and the east and keeping the effect null, but it also said that the groom review from the west could show up if the nullification got weaker. What’s more, she got hitched with a husband to be from the eastern wide open with the segment setup that worked the best.

She was like a soft autumn rain and a nighttime star. She made changes to her life. She didn’t trust in horoscopes. She came to the realization that, just like in any other field of knowledge, there are good and bad interpreters, and that the interpretation of astrology depends on who does it. As she listens to the sound of her own silence, she is composed and largely hidden. Standing by herself in her fears, she is discrete. Her fears intensify over time, and the fog is so thick that she can hardly see. Oh, the dreams she has of her Western groom; with a different frame and soft voice.

As she contemplates what remains a mystery, her heart beats incessantly. She is shown how he fights his own despair through the fragmented images in her mind. He breaks her silence with a kiss and a song whistle. He takes her spirit as he delicately mumbles love words into her ears. She fears that he will say, “Can’t go back now,” when he appears. She knows she can’t handle this situation. When he finally arrives, will she accept him? She builds a wall around her heart, despite the fact that her pain requires a warm embrace. She is entangled in a mystery and chained. She doesn’t seem to care, but her smile is empty. She might be anxiously and unconsciously waiting for him.

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This is a piece of writing that is based on a true story. It shows how culture and tradition can get in the way of important decisions and make a person sad about what will happen in the future. People who are educated will be able to overcome these double-standard practices if they are made aware of the same. The readers of this story will be able to figure out how some conservative families’ traditional norms can ruin the lives of their own sons and daughters.