The Need Of Carrier Management Systems In Transportation Businesses

The Need of Carrier Management Systems In Transportation Businesses

carrier management systems

Continuous juggling is needed for enterprise logistics. You must handle several modes of transportation, track assets, and keep an eye on deliveries. All the time corresponding with customers and carriers. Transport companies may manage, monitor, and analyze pertinent data with the aid of carrier management systems to boost efficiency and profitability.

What Is Carrier Management?

Carrier management, also known as third-party logistics, is the process of overseeing various carriers to support commercial transportation. It assists transporters in choosing the right carriers for various shipping requirements based on data-informed decisions.

Businesses that want to succeed in the transportation supply chain must consider a variety of factors when deciding how efficiently and effectively to deliver goods. The firm can rely on reliable information and quickly adjust to new difficulties thanks to carrier management.

Why Is Carrier Management Critical In Transportation?

Deliveries can be carried out more profitably and dependably by businesses. Key performance indicators can be monitored by a carrier management software solution to help with choosing which partners to work with and when.

KPI Reporting For These Uses:

  • Carrier efficiency
  • Shipment snafus
  • Costs of delivery
  • Professional driving
  • Carrier adherence
  • Carrier management systems

A streamlined view of the many moving parts in transportation logistics can be offered by carrier management systems. They also assist freight brokers in keeping track of deliveries, fuel surcharges, and other things. However, there are certain difficulties to watch out for.

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Make sure you collaborate with a carrier in carrier management who can deliver the load to its destination on schedule, damage-free, and economically. You can keep track of who is offering high-quality service using the data insights gained from carrier management systems. This enables you to assign more loads to reliable carriers. Additionally, shippers who trust you to complete the job correctly can bring in more business for you.

Using carrier management systems makes it simpler to find specific carriers to fulfill an order’s unique requirements. If your system contains compliance data, you can also cut down on the time it takes to vet carriers. Such records are probably complete, mentioning things like delivery dependability, licensing and insurance needs, and others. You don’t need to rely on paperwork or phone calls when you can quickly search the system data online.

Because you’ll have access to accurate industry rates and previous agreements with those carriers, rate negotiations can be managed more effectively as well.


In the United States, there are more than 3.5 million truck drivers and an estimated 15.5 million trucks working each year. Every year, around $255.5 billion in revenue is produced by these trucks.

According to the American Trucking Association, the industry is experiencing a shortage of about 80,000 truck drivers, which may make carrier management more challenging. Retaining drivers is crucial. It can be difficult for fleets to remain compliant with laws that are constantly changing, but tools like electronic logging devices make it possible.

Carrier management can be expensive due to fuel costs and maintenance costs. Keeping track of idle time can help you spend less fuel. Proactive maintenance is possible when fleet management and vehicle diagnostics are combined. Also, it can save operating expenses while boosting revenue.

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Expected Characteristics of Carrier Management Software

Carrier management is a tool used by freight brokers and transportation companies to oversee the carriers that help shippers deliver products from point A to point B quickly and economically. The company can become more productive and profitable by using carrier management software that includes contract and rate management, claims management, and carrier scorecards.

Many carrier management programs automate the processing of invoices and payments to save you time. Additionally, software that checks freight bills can be helpful. The software can be set up to compare actual billing to the written agreement covering things like fuel and delivery costs. Any discrepancies can be flagged by the system.

To measure performance factors, you might also be able to incorporate carrier and customer feedback. This will assist you in selecting the ideal carrier for your upcoming tasks.

The status of the delivery will be updated in real-time through GPS monitoring. This can be helpful in analyzing delays and proactively communicating with your clients or the general public. You can also find answers to cargo and delivery-related questions and verify the accuracy of the shipment by using a carrier management system that integrates dispatch and loading data.

The manner in which Motive assists carrier management services

Visibility into transportation costs and delivery success rates is provided by carrier management. Carrier management software gives transportation businesses the resources they need to comprehend strengths, weaknesses, and possibilities, replacing paperwork or carbon copies.

The technology from Motive helps transportation companies manage their carriers.

By facilitating their interactions with carriers and enhancing visibility and communication, Motive aids freight brokers.

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To assist carriers in finding the ideal load more quickly, Motive has integrated a free load board into its market-leading fleet management platform. The biggest and most cutting-edge brokerages in North America are among our partners, including Bennett, HorizonGo, Uber Freight, Convoy, Edge Logistics, and Echo Global Logistics, among others. Broker partners can access the Motive network of more than 1 million registered drivers with just one integration.

Carriers have the option to share location information with brokers for the duration of the trip using our GPS tracking solution. Brokers can then divulge the details to shippers, ensuring complete openness and peace of mind.

In order to keep everyone up to date without having to wait for paperwork to be delivered from location to location, drivers can scan the signed Bill of Lading (BOL) into the software when they pick up the cargo.

Utilize our carrier management solution for a comprehensive online dashboard view of operations. Learn how Motive can help you transform your business by requesting a free demo today.


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