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CCNA Course in Dubai With NlpTech

CCNA course in dubai
CCNA course in dubai

Regarding CCNA Course

Are you trying to find the top Cisco CCNA training in Dubai? You’ve come to the correct place, I suppose. The greatest network infrastructure certification in the world to launch a career in the sector is the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) program.

If you want to succeed as a Network Engineer in the tech industry, you might think about enrolling in aCCNA course in dubai. This course will act as a springboard for a career as a network engineer with the ability to deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot wireless networks.

By instructing you directly from network engineers with more than 12 years of experience working for major tech companies like Apple, Juniper Networks, Aricent, TCS, etc., this course aims to give your abilities that are applicable to the industry.

Why are you holding out? Check out Network Kings’ Cisco CCNA course.

Exam code 200-301: Cisco Certified Network Associate

Test Number 200-301

The exam cost $239 plus taxes, or roughly $258.

Exam Format Drag and Drop, Simulations, Multiple Choice Questions, etc.

100 to 120 questions with a total

passing mark of 800/1000

The exam lasts 120 minutes.

Languages Japanese and English Testing CenterThomson Vue

Dubai CCNA Cisco training

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Different Languages

Choose from 24-hour assistance in Hindi and English.

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What does CCNA stand for?

The CCNA certification, also known as Cisco Certified Network Associate, is regarded as the ideal networking credential to start a career in the routing and switching industry.

You will learn how to configure, implement, and monitor networks in the CCNA course in Dubai. Managing and troubleshooting networking equipment like routers, switches, hubs, access points, controllers, etc. will also be covered.

Additionally, the CCNA certification is a prerequisite for anyone starting a career in the networking sector. No of your educational background, you are eligible to participate in a CCNA training program.

The foundations of networks, IP services, security, automation, and programmability are also covered in the CCNA course. As a result, this course equips you with all the knowledge required to manage and optimize even the most complex networks.

Why is taking CCNA training in Dubai necessary?

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Top IT firms including Accenture, Andersen Lab, CI&T, Kainos, Globant, Amazon, IBM, Google, TCS, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Apple, Microsoft, Meta, etc. are all based in Dubai. As a result, there are countless job openings in the sector for entry-level such like network engineers, network administrators, network support engineers, help desk technicians, etc.

Enrolling in a CCNA course in Dubai gives you the opportunity to work on real-world projects while learning from network engineers with more than 12 years of experience.

What’s holding you back? To stand out, choose a job in the network infrastructure sector!

What does Dubai’s CCNA certification entail?

The IT industry’s future prospects for CCNA certification in Dubai are excellent and great. Once you enroll in CCNA classes in Dubai, you can do no wrong. Following a CCNA course in Dubai will give you the following advantages and help you comprehend the range of CCNA certifications in the future:

The CCNA has a wide range of applications because it can help you enhance your networking profession. Nearly every business organization in Dubai needs a network engineer to manage large enterprise networks because network professionals are in such high demand there.

Since no business sector, including those in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, IT, operations, finance, and government, etc., can function without networks, this profession has been protected from recession throughout.

You can master routing and switching, network deployment, management, and troubleshooting by taking the CCNA certification course. Even serving consumers to fix their network problems is something you learn.

You can pursue the Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification after earning the CCNA certification to advance your career as a network engineer.

What skills will you learn in the Dubai CCNA course?

The main goal at Network Kings is to give you practical training in all the abilities needed for the profession. The following ideas and technologies are covered during the CCNA course in Dubai:

Local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs) for commercial organizations can be installed, configured, and maintained.

Understand how to use networks and systems

Install and set up both physical and virtual servers.

Wireless and wired networks should be managed, observed, and troubleshot.

Check the accessibility and reliability of networking software, networks, and servers.

Update and install software

keep software licensing current

Go through the system and application logs

Study how to evaluate server and network resources.

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Limit user access

Learn about network programmability and automation

To defend networks from assaults like DDoS, Phishing, Man-in-the-Middle, etc., learn network security.

Practice using Cisco Packet Tracer and EVE-NG at the largest Cisco labs in the world.

Where can you sign up for Dubai’s top CCNA training?

Excellent hands-on abilities are essential if you want to work in network infrastructure. It is crucial to search for online training platforms in Dubai that emphasize both academic and practical skills.

Network Kings is one such website for online training. Here, network engineers with more than 12 years of experience managing, monitoring, building, and troubleshooting networks at major tech firms like Apple, Aricent, Juniper Networks, etc. will teach you firsthand.

After registering for Network Kings’ CCNA course, you can take advantage of the following advantages: Receive mentoring from outstanding network engineers with more than ten years of experience in the network industry.

Attend regular question-and-answer sessions to discuss your concerns one-on-one with the network engineers.

Access the largest Cisco labs in the world for free, 24/7.

After finishing the CCNA course, get a certificate of completion from Network Kings.

Enroll in the reasonably priced CCNA training in Dubai.

Get free access to the recorded sessions as well as the earlier group of recorded sessions.

Flexible session times (often on weekends) that take into account working people’s schedules.

Gain access to the Network Kings’ online learning management system to monitor your progress.

Obtain free access to demo sessions prior to the start of the course.

continuous assistance from career counselors if you run into any technical problems while taking the course.

Curriculum in industry-relevant courses to prepare you for employment.

What are you waiting for with all the benefits listed above? Enroll right away to become a Network Engineer ready for business!

Who is eligible to participate in the Dubai CCNA course?

There are no official or special requirements to take the CCNA course in Dubai. However, having the following is advised:

a graduate degree, especially in computer science, or a similar technical field.

You are familiar with the fundamentals of computers, networks, software, and hardware.

If you do not have a technical background in your graduate degree, it is entirely acceptable. The CCNA program is still being offered in Dubai.

What information about the CCNA course exam?

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The following are some CCNA 200-301 exam specifics to keep in mind:

Exam Code: 200-301, Cisco Certified Network Associate

Test number: 200-301

Exam Price: £239 plus taxes (roughly £258) Exam Format: Drag & Drop, Simulations, Multiple Choice Questions, etc.

100–120 questions altogether

The score needed to pass: 800 out of 1000

120 minutes for the examination

Japanese and English both

Center for Testing: Pearson Vue

What curriculum is covered during the Dubai CCNA training?

The Network Kings CCNA course is a thorough network infrastructure education that covers all the key fundamental ideas.

The CCNA course covers the following modules:

Network Foundations

Access to networks

IP connections

IP services

Fundamentals of Security

Automation and programmability

Industry-focused lab practice

Here is a detailed syllabus blueprint that you can review.

How much does CCNA training cost in Dubai?

Network Kings offers CCNA training in Dubai for a very reasonable course price. Network engineers will teach you personally for around £146 to £175. You have the option of paying it all at once or in installments.

What career options are available after the CCNA training in Dubai?

The following job possibilities can be found in Dubai, one of the most well-known IT centers in the world:

Entry-level Network Engineer Network Security Specialist L1/L2 Network Engineer Network Security Engineer TAC Engineer NOC Engineer Network Support Engineer Systems Engineer Voice Network Support Engineer Desktop Support Engineer Network and Hardware Engineer L3 Network Administrator Technical Support Engineer Information Technology (IT) Manager Routing and switching network engineer wireless network security engineer Technical consulting engineer, network consultant, and engineer for network surveillance

After completing the CCNA training, what are my salary prospects?

Based on several countries, the following incomes are what you can anticipate:

£42,348 to £57,500 per year in the United Kingdom

States: $66,500 to $106,500 annually

$66,312 to $129,135 annually in Canada

India – between Rs. 5 lakhs and Rs. 8 lakhs annually

11,998,095 to 21,628,007 yen in Japan annually

Singapore: 70,000 to 169,000 SGD annually

Dubai – from 26,960 to 468,063 AED annually

Germany: 35,000 to 58,000 euros annually

ZAR 750,000 to ZAR 980,000 per year in South Africa

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