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Checklist Of Things To Keep In Mind While Creating Mobile Event App

Mobile Event App

Mobile event apps are a crucial decision for event planners. While creating an event app organizers will have to make a plan to create an app that is effective for their event. Mobile event apps are apps that are created for an event/events. These apps help event organizers plan, promote, market, and manage their events while they help users keep the track of event updates, tickets, payments, and registrations. 

So are you planning to get a custom mobile event app? If yes, here is a checklist for event apps that can help you in creating an app that can take your event to the next level and offer users a more personalized experience. 

Checklist For Mobile Event App 

Here is the checklist that can come in handy if you are planning to create a mobile event app:

1.  Make It Simple And User Friendly 

The first and very basic thing that you need to keep in mind while creating a mobile event app is to make it simple and user-friendly. Your event app can look aesthetic but still not be complicated. 

Make your app user-friendly, users should not struggle just to use simple features of the app. Use attractive design with creative icons that are attractive and easy to use. Additionally, your event app should be compatible with all devices, it should not lag in certain devices as it can hamper users’ experience with your device. 

2. Engagement Features 

For event app engagement features are vital. With the help of these engagement features, organizers will be able to interact with event attendees on the app. They can ask questions to engage attendees. A mobile event app can help with pre and post-event engagement. With the help of these engagement features like chats, and video calls attendees can not just interact with the event organizers they can also network and engage with other event attendees before and after the event. So having engagement features in mobile event apps is crucial. 

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3. CRM & Third-Party Integration 

Another thing to keep in mind while creating an event app is CRMs and third-party integration, with the help of third-party interaction event organizers will be able to integrate a secure payment gateway or social media platforms, google calendars for schedule and event reminders, etc. With social media integration, your event attendees will be able to access all the news and updates regarding the event or event organizers through the event app. With CRM and integration, mobile event apps will be able to sync with different devices. 

4. Analytics Dashboard 

Next, we have an analytics dashboard, for the event organizer and planner tracking users’ activities and the journey is crucial. Event organizers want to track all the activities of their users so that they know how users are interacting with the event and app. For the on-ground event app analytics dashboard is vital to keep the track of in-person audience. With the analytics dashboard, event organizers will be able to estimate the headcount for the event, and they will be able to keep track of registration, event tickets, payment, etc.  

5. Customer Support 

For an event app, robust customer support is essential. Users may need customer support for dealing with technical errors in the app or for registration, and payment processes, they can also have queries related to the event, etc. Offering 24*7 customer support can build a strong customer base. Attendees may also need customer support during the event, so offering customer support during the live event can have a positive impact on the customers and they will be satisfied with customer service.  

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6. Push Notifications & Reminders 

The next feature that we have on our checklist for the mobile event app is push notifications and reminders. Push notifications are interactive and even users like to engage with push notifications. There are different ways in which event organizers can use push notifications on the app to engage the audience. They can ask a question, have a quick polling session or conduct a survey, etc. 

7. Navigation

The next feature that most of the best mobile event apps have is event navigation or a map of the venue. If you are creating an event app for the in-person event it should have a map or navigation feature, which can help event attendees navigate through the venue. They can easily see all the setups of the event and can share their live location with other event attendees. 

The Bottom Line

Mobile event apps are becoming mainstream in the event industry. Many event organizers are shifting to mobile apps instead of websites and microsites for events. But some of them might omit certain crucial features while creating an event app so we have shared a checklist that can help you in creating a mobile event app that can be effective for your events and offer a top-notch user experience.

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