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Choose your membership plan

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If you’re looking to travel the world while staying on a budget, Worldpackers might be just what you need. With this platform, you can connect with hosts around the world who offer free accommodation in exchange for your skills and help. And to make it even more affordable, you can use a Worldpackers promo code to get a discount on your membership fee. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the process of using a Worldpackers promo code to save money on your travels.

Step 1: Sign up for Worldpackers

Before you can use a codigo promocional worldpackers promo code, you’ll need to sign up for an account. Go to the Worldpackers website and click on the “Sign Up” button at the top of the page. You’ll be asked to enter your name, email address, and a password. You can also sign up using your Facebook or Google account.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be taken to your dashboard. Here, you can complete your profile, browse through the available hosts, and start applying for positions that interest you.

Step 2: Choose your membership plan

Worldpackers offers two membership plans: the “Solo Traveler” plan and the “Couple/Two Friends” plan. The Solo Traveler plan is designed for individuals who are traveling alone, while the Couple/Two Friends plan is for two people who are traveling together. The membership fee is the same for both plans, but the Couple/Two Friends plan allows you to apply for positions that require two people.

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To choose your membership plan, click on the “Upgrade” button on your dashboard. You’ll be taken to a page where you can choose your plan and enter your payment details.

Step 3: Enter your Worldpackers promo code

Once you’ve chosen your membership plan, you’ll be taken to the payment page. Here, you’ll see a field where you can enter your Worldpackers promo code. Enter the code and click on the “Apply” button. The discount will be applied to your membership fee, and you’ll see the new price on the screen.

Step 4: Complete your payment

After you’ve entered your Worldpackers promo code, you can complete your payment. Worldpackers accepts several payment methods, including credit cards and PayPal. Choose the method that works best for you and follow the instructions to complete your payment.

Step 5: Start applying for positions

Once your payment has been processed, you’ll be able to start applying for positions. Browse through the available hosts and find positions that match your skills and interests. When you find a position you like, click on the “Apply” button and follow the instructions to submit your application.

Tips for using a Worldpackers promo code

  • Make sure the promo code is still valid: Promo codes usually have an expiration date, so make sure the code you’re using is still valid before you try to apply it.
  • Check the discount amount: Some promo codes offer a percentage discount, while others offer a fixed amount. Make sure you know how much you’ll be saving before you enter the code.
  • Compare the different membership plans: Worldpackers offers two membership plans, so make sure you choose the plan that works best for you. If you’re traveling alone, the Solo Traveler plan might be the better option, but if you’re traveling with a friend or partner, the Couple/Two Friends plan might be more cost-effective.
  • Read the terms and conditions: Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the promo code before you use it. Some codes might have restrictions or limitations, so it’s important to know what you’re getting into.
  • Contact customer support: If you’re having trouble applying your promo code, contact Worldpackers customer support
  • If you’re having trouble applying your promo code, contact Worldpackers customer support. They can help you troubleshoot any issues you’re having and make sure you get the discount you’re entitled to.
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Share the code with others: If you have friends who are interested in using Worldpackers, share your promo code with them. This way, you can both save money on your memberships.

Follow Worldpackers on social media: Worldpackers often shares promo codes and special offers on their social media channels. Make sure you follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so you don’t miss out on any discounts.

Use the code wisely: Just because you have a promo code doesn’t mean you should apply for every position you see. Make sure you only apply for positions that match your skills and interests, and that you’re willing and able to fulfill the host’s requirements.

In conclusion

Using a Worldpackers promo code is a great way to save money on your travels. By following these tips and guidelines, you can make sure you’re getting the best deal possible and making the most of your Worldpackers membership. Happy travels!

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