Confuting the Myths about glass partitions by Satkartar Glass Solutions

Glass partitions have been in India for ages now. Those who have installed them even once in their life time starts recommending other to get them installed as quickly as possible. The designs and shapes are customizable which match any space requirement. But then there are those who disdain glass partitions. In our experience these are the people who have never installed one in their lifetime. Satkartar Glass Solutions, the leader in office glass partitions in Delhi and NCR values informed decision. This blog covers the common myths of every bloke who have never experienced the elegance, durability and aesthetics of glass partitions.


Glass is difficult to clean

Once installed, our glass walls provide a classy, contemporary look. But to keep them looking spotless, we advise cleaning your glass partitions every few weeks with warm water and a little dishwashing solution, being careful not to get the joints wet. We usually suggest using a microfiber cloth and washing your glass panes downward to prevent streaks.

People can walk into glass walks mistakenly

For this very reason, glass manifestations are a regulatory necessity on some glazed walls. These glass stickers, which show the presence of the wall depending on the size of your glass panes, stop staff members from walking into them. While it may appear that this health and safety measure ruins the frameless finish of your glass office, we see it as a chance for innovation. We offer the ability to submit your own designs in addition to conventional manifestation designs, like adding some dots, to create a showstopper that no one will miss, like this special map manifestation.

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Glass Partitions can easily break

This widespread misunderstanding only applies to poorly described partitions. You may trust Satkartar Glass Solutions to solely install secure, premium glazed glass partitioning since we have more than a decade of industry experience. Most of our installations make use of safety toughened glass, which boasts strength and durability. Because it has a high impact resistance and is five times stronger than normal glass substitutes, this kind of safety glass offers additional protection for workplaces because it is less likely to break. Our laminated glass, in particular, is not hardened. Although the strength of this glazed partitioning isn’t as impressive as our safety toughened alternatives, the acoustic membrane keeps glass shards from flying around in the event that the partitions break.

Glass Echoes Sound

We offer glazed glass with various levels of acoustic protection, absorbing sound vibrations and preventing noise levels from transferring from one space to another. We’re certain to have a solution that fits your needs and price range starting with our reasonably priced single glazed glass. Please don’t hesitate to contact our specialists at Satkartar Glass Solutions, the best installers of single glass partition in Delhi and NCR to discuss the appropriate partitioning to reduce noise in your workstation.

Transparency glass invade privacy

Glazed glass partitioning can create the functional work rooms that are required while maximising light and maintaining the open office concept. Although some people think this is a nice feature of our glass, we recognise that there may occasionally feel like nowhere to run. In order to avoid this, we’ve compiled our best advice on how to make your glass partitions more private. We advise adding a glass manifestation to your partitions for visual privacy; frosted glass partitions can add a level of privacy without obstructing design or light flow.

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With the ever changing world it is about time you change the aesthetics of your office and home. One cannot refute the elegance of the glass partitions in today’s world. If you are planning to install glass in your premises then there is none better than the leaders in modular glass partitions in Delhi and NCR, Satkartar Glass Solutions. We would love to assist you with a free consult as to where do you want the partition installed, what kind of glass will suit you and what design options you can choose from.

By Myra Singh

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