Courses to look into after completing B.Com

Among all the bachelor’s degree courses in the country, B.Com is one of the most popular undergraduate courses to attend for students after passing their 12th board examination. If the candidate had chosen Commerce as their stream in 12th, they could easily continue with their further study in Commerce by choosing B.Com admission

However, other students with different streams can also choose to study B.Com with various online universities opening up and more liberated admission procedures since B.Com accesses a lot of scope for further professional courses and lucrative career opportunities. If you are one of the candidates thinking of doing B.Com after the 12th, you need to have a basic idea of what possibilities you have after completing the course. Let’s get to know about the B.Com admission procedure, course duration, and career options after B.Com. 

Eligibility criteria for B.Com admission

B.Com admission course duration lasts for 3 years, and for each year, you get to choose a specialization subject. The common B.Com admission procedure involves candidates first passing the 12th standard board exam. Now they would be eligible to apply for their desired university offline or online and fill out the admission form available on the respective university website. 

Attach all the documents required for the admission procedure, such as a digital copy of the 12h standard mark sheet, 10th standard mark sheet, etc. Now you can pay the application fee online. According to your 12th standard score, you would be granted B.Com. admission into your preferred college. Here are the eligibility criteria for admission into B.Com. Course. 

  • Candidates must have passed the 12th board exam in the Commerce stream. 
  • Candidates from other streams may apply at the basis of discretion of the university or college. 
  • The cut-off percentages vary from one college to another. So the candidate must have scored more or equal cut-off percentage to get admission. Colleges reduce their cut-off percentage phase by phase until the seats are filled. Students can also take direct admission irrespective of their percentage if a college has empty seats, especially private colleges. 
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B.Com course specializations

The 3 years of the B.Com course will have 6-semester exams. A candidate can choose their specialization subject within the course duration, which would serve as a deciding factor in the candidate’s future career selection. Here are some of the specializations available in the B.Com course:

  • B.Com in Accounts & Finance
  • B.Com in Banking & Insurance
  • B.Com in Law
  • B.Com in Marketing
  • B.Com in Economics
  • B.Com in Finance Management
  • B.Com in Taxation
  • B.Com in Humans Resources
  • B.Com in Tourism & Travel Management

Professional Career Options After completing B.Com

Simply having an undergrad B.Com degree would not get you a high-paying job. Many online universities are offering professional courses for continuing further studies. The obvious next step after completing the B.Com admission course is obtaining a master’s degree in Commerce or working after graduation. Rather than putting an academic gap, applying for master’s courses like MBA or other relevant degrees is good. In the meantime, if you are looking to apply for a job, below are some of the most sought options:

  • Banker
  • Office Administrator
  • Accountant
  • Marketing Executive
  • Insurance Broker

Courses to study after B.Com

Several higher study options are available for pursuing a desirable career where your B.Com admission degree would matter. Check through the below list to know what courses you can get admission into:

  • Master of Commerce – 2 Years course duration
  • Master of Business Administration – 2 years course duration
  • Chartered Accountant – 3 years course duration with 2.5 years of professional experience
  • Chartered Financial Analyst – 2.5 years of course duration 
  • Business Accounting and Taxation – 8 to 12 weeks of course duration
  • Actuarial Science – 6 months duration for certificate course and 2 years course duration for masters degree
  • Certified Management Accountant – 6 months course duration with 2 years of professional experience
  • Certified Public Accounting – 1.5 years course duration 
  • Bachelor of Education – 2 years course duration
  • Certified Financial Planner – 6 months course duration
  • Certified in Investment Banking – 6 months to 1 years course duration
  • Association of Chartered Certified Accountants – 3 years course duration on average
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All the above courses can bring you varied professional career opportunities along with higher earning potential. Take your time to do some research about the courses to determine which would be a suitable fit for you after completing a B.Com admission degree. 


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