Crewneck Sweatshirt – Your Wardrobe’s Secret Weapon


The Menswear Hall of Fame should immediately induct anything Paul Newman has worn over six decades. Newman was a big fan of the sweater. He first sported one as a blue-eyed preppy idol in the 1950s and 1960s, and he never took it off, even when he was an 80-year-old celebrity attending red carpet events.

Newman knew that a sweatshirt could make him look both relaxed and put together, stylish and sporty. Everything at once, wearing nothing more than a pullover. It is one of the rare true everyman pieces in men’s fashion because it is a year-round clothing piece, which looks well on all body types, and is simple to layer.

There isn’t a more wearable item that also complements the styles preferred by the majority of people. It’s simple to pull off a smart-casual or street style with just a sweatshirt. It also breaks new ground in some way. Over half a century before a marketing strategist came up with the term “athleisure,” the crewneck sweatshirt was blurring the barriers between sportswear and fashion. Styles for streetwear youth, surfers, skateboarders, Scandi minimalists, and men of athleisure populate the current menswear landscape.

Considerations To Make

Similar to selecting a T-shirt, the possibilities for selecting a sweatshirt are endless. Athletic wear, typically long-sleeved, with a ribbed hem and cuffs like the Jerzees 562, serves as the basic template. 

The fabric was designed to trap perspiration at the neck and aid in putting on and taking off the garment by adding stretch and support. Another retro detail is the use of raglan sleeves, which were originally intended to increase mobility when working out. A cotton-polyester blend with a fleece back is our recommendation if you’re going for a modern, minimalist design. The result is a sweater that is both more durable and visually appealing, as well as cozier and warmer.

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Jersey is an alternate, more sportswear-oriented, soft and robust alternative. Cashmere variants, on the other hand, feel amazing everywhere but your wallet, making them ideal for when you just want to relax.

How To Wear A Sweatshirt

A well-cut sweatshirt (likely in neutral colors, certainly without logos) is another piece of sportswear that works well with smart-casual outfits, much like a pair of white sneakers. Put on a slim gray fit with chinos or selvage denim and a pair of smart sneakers or casual shoes.

Alternatively, you can wear it as an undergarment with a coat or jacket. Sweatshirts may be worn with everything from the most casual to the most formal suits, but they shine when paired with a jacket. 

Modifying a Sweatshirt for Formal Occasions

Jersey sweatshirts are not only an easy way to add some flair to your athletic gear. But they are also perfect for lounging around the house because they are so roomy, versatile, and at ease. Sweatshirts are a simple way to follow the latest fashion trend. Recently, streetwear and logomania have dominated most of the catwalk collections. Along with logos being stretched across everything from zip-ups and hoodies to slides.

Attempt pairing joggers or pants with oversized logos and solid colors. Throw a branded sweater over a simple white tee, some denim, and some sneakers. If you’ve got the guts to rock one, a full branded tracksuit is a powerful style that can be yours with the right pair of sliders and a lot of self-assurance.

A Casual Guide to Wearing Sweatshirts


Like selvage denim and white sneakers, the classic raglan sleeve crewneck sweatshirt is an enduring staple in any man’s closet. In fact, wearing one with those specific pieces is the simplest approach to give the impression that you put in an effort. Not bad for something that can also be worn around the house for lounging.

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The sweatshirt gained mass appeal when university sports teams began using it as a method for fans to show their devotion boldly on their chest. Today, designers are doing the same thing. Pick a side: you can either go for a loud streetwear look with a sweatshirt like the Jerzees 562. And post your labels all over Instagram, or utilize your branded sweat as the sole loudmouth in an otherwise quiet ensemble.


Health warning: if all you generally wear is navy, gray and black. Then, introducing a flash of color to your wardrobe can lead to involuntary shortness of breath. 

The sweater is your sartorial brown paper bag as an accessible mid-layer that you can half-hide under a jacket. It’s an easy way to experiment with popular pastels or primary colors. And if loud tones don’t make you nervous in the first place, just discard the jacket. And happily, light up every space you step into.


The sweatshirt went from athletic to casual clothing. Especially on the campuses of Ivy League universities during the middle of the 20th century. The era of the bright, proud logo in fashion may be traced back to when designers first realized that a sweatshirt might turn its wearer into walking advertising. Sign up for the trend by donning modern preppy labels like Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie & Fitch.


Printed or embroidered motifs are head-turning decorations like huge logos and college connections. That converts a sweatshirt from a background player to your outfit’s primary attraction. Playful or provocative, you can fit the design to your personality or gently disclose your brand affinities. These appear best with other neutral shades due to their oversized purpose.

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