Crypto1Capital Review – An Old School Online Trading Brokerage

Crypto1Capital Review – An Old School Online Trading Brokerage

The online trading industry has been advancing in terms of trading capabilities and options. However, as the industry has traveled from simplicity to complexity, the brokerages have forgotten about their true purpose. If you read my Crypto1Capital review, you will understand what the old school brokerages are capable of offering and what the new brokerages are lacking.

Most of the modern brokerages focus on user count and funds. They have completely forgotten about grooming the traders’ profiles and polish their skills. You will see that Crypto1Capital does not lack on any of these.

Access to All the Learning Opportunities

The broker believes in providing you with all the knowledge that you can use to increase your market understanding and data gathering.

It has put in place very specialized and well-organized market and learning data in the form of eBooks, glossary, and trading training videos. If you keep going through the content, you will keep learning more about the online trades, tactics, and latest strategies.

The broker also works on your profile grooming on a personal level carrying out one-on-one coaching sessions with you through a trading expert. You also have access to webinars at the broker to interact with other traders and share your knowledge and vice versa from each other’s trading experiences.

Access to Every Major Trading Asset

The major trading assets in the online trading industry are commodities, forex, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and indices, and the broker offers all of them.

Once again, it is not just a capability of trading in multiple assets but also an opportunity to learn about each one of them to increase your trading experience.

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You can choose any asset that you find suitable and then start trading with it.

Access to Multiple Experienced-Based Trading Accounts

With my Crypto1Capital review, you will understand that the broker applies the same rule of trading assets to the trading accounts. It offers you with access to multiple trading accounts and you have the choice of choosing the one you prefer.

Before you choose the account, you get to assess yourself and establish where you stand in terms of market knowledge and trading experience. If you are inexperienced then you should go for the basic account that requires the lowest deposit.

When you feel your experienced has grown and you are ready to take on challenges, you can upgrade your subscription.

Access to a Web-based Trading Platform

A web-based trading platform is all that you need to stay on top of your trades. Do not get into the hassle of downloading a trading platform on every operating system that you access.

Instead, you get to access the web-based trading platform anywhere you want and then start performing your regular trades.

The platform is equipped with the latest trading features and options. These options include market analysis access, trading signals, latest market news, leverage trading, automated trades, and many more features.

Access to a Professional Trading Environment

For a trading brokerage to be called professional, it is mandatory for it to be compliant with regulatory policies such as KYC and AML. Crypto1Capital is fully compliant and wants you to honor that by complying with them yourself as well.

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Access to Encrypted Transactions

The transactions at the brokerage are all concealed and kept hidden with the help of encryptions. This is achieved by the broker with the help of the SSL Security infrastructure. It tends to encrypt all the data flowing through its protocol, and here, the protocol is the brokerage itself.

Access to a Professional Support

The support specialists at the brokerage are available at your service at any time of the day, or day of the year. You simply have to call them or email them to get their quick response.

They have been trained to stay as professional as possible with you while listening to your query and providing the right resolution.

Ending Thoughts

The market is filled with different kinds of trading brokerages offering multiple services. But of them are used to making claims they can never fulfill in a million years. It is important that you know the difference between an old-school (specialized) brokerage and a swindler. If you are able to establish that, things will become much easier for you in the online trading industry.

Dario Smith