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Custom Engagement Rings in Canada | All You Need To Know

Engagement is a cherished moment in everyone’s life. Getting a unique and pretty engagement ring is also a pivotal addition to making it more precious. It is obvious that you do not like the designs of rings made in bulk and looking for a custom design. Gone are the days when you needed to wait a long time to buy custom rings in Canada due to limited options. Now, there is a wide range of options available. However, before making a final decision on the design and stone, you should know everything about custom rings. 

Custom Rings And Material Used in Them

Custom rings are made according to an individual’s taste and specifications. These are the unique pieces that make the person feel special and that no one else has the same piece of jewelry.  In order to make a custom ring, a person can suggest special metals or gemstones. Even personal engraving can also be demanded. There are various types of stones used to design rings, like diamond, sapphire, ruby, morganite, or pearl. However, these days one of the most popular is moissanite jewelry in Canada. Nowadays, people buy all kinds of jewelry, including moissanite rings, necklaces, and bracelets. 

Factors Behind the Popularity of Custom Engagement Rings

  • Remarkable Quality

Designing the ring according to precise instructions ensures that there are quality materials added. When a person opts for a precious stone, it is apparent that design and other aspects should also be top-notch. 

  • Uniqueness 

Another reason behind the concept of custom rings is that a person can make his/her partner feel special. Since there will be no design similar to the specially designed piece of jewelry. Also, there could be special engraving like the initials of one’s name. 

  • Shows Special Care
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Making a custom ring for someone special can express how much a person cares for them. The only thing that can make a proposal special is the personalized ring. 

  • No Compromising

When you choose to go for custom, you don’t have to make any settlements in terms of design. You pick the elements you wish to put in the ring and are not limited to the pre-made designs seen in most jewelry marts.

  • More Affordable

Typical rings that you look at the jewelry stores can be highly expensive. Whereas a person can pick the moissanite jewelry Toronto which looks similar or can say better than diamond. However,  this stone is quite affordable and also different from the other lab-made diamonds. 

  • Expert Advice

While creating a custom engagement ring, you are free to get advice from an expert. You can ask for some concepts on design, material, or stones. It can give life to your idea of designing a mind-blowing ring for your special day. 

Why is Moissanite Jewelry Canada getting Famous?

The moissanite stone was first discovered in 1983 in Arizona when a meteorite came crashing down. However, later in 1990, the production of moissanite was made possible. The man made moissanite that is found in present times is no different from the natural stone and looks marvelous. There are various causes that are responsible for the vogue of this stone:

  • Hardness and durability
  • Availability and cost
  • Shapes and sizes
  • Design Options
  • Light and easy to maintain
  • Antigen qualities

In Final Words

After discussing all the points, it can be said that rather than relying on typical bulk-made rings, custom engagement rings in Canada are the best choice. It doesn’t matter if you are paying a little extra or getting the ring at quite a reasonable price. Your effort to make your women feel special is the most treasured thing. Personalized and uniquely made rings have the capability of turning moments into unforgettable ones. 

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