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Custom Makeup Packaging is not just a superficial routine, it is a lifestyle. Our faces are the first thing people see when they meet us, and yet there are many things you can do with your makeup that others might not even notice. If you’re tired of shoving your products in the back drawers of your vanity or showering because it’s overflowing onto the countertop, then consider making your custom makeup packaging for organization and convenience. Here are some simple ideas that you can use to make your makeup boxes.

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Makeup organizers

This is probably the most common way to store your makeup and there are many options out there. If you have a lot of makeup, you’ll need something with at least 2 drawers or compartments, but remember that a larger makeup box will be harder to travel with. If you want something compact, try an acrylic organizer that sits on top of your dresser or tabletop. You can also get ones that sit inside drawers as jewelry organizers do. Another option is dividers for a drawer system designed specifically for your needs (you can place them in trays, boxes, or just sort by size and shape). If you have tons of brushes and lipsticks, try getting a magnetic makeup board.

Makeup palette

If you don’t feel like building a box, then consider painting your customized palette. Try the lid of an old box or buy plain ones from art supply stores. If you are good at cutting, you can get them in size and shape to match any countertop décor. You can buy custom wood cutout letters and numbers for painting or use stencils to paint on your design. For example, if you want to paint your name on the box lid, then just find a letter L (or whatever letter) stencil that is large enough to fit on the lid and cut it out with scissors.

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Custom Makeup Packaging

If you want something stylish, then try making your custom makeup bags. If you have a sewing machine or know someone who does, then you can buy an extra long rectangle scarf and sew it into a box with an opening in the top. You can also just use plain fabric and make your drawstring bag with your favorite design. If the fabric is stiff enough, it may be able to hold its shape on its own. Pair it with a mirror or separate compartments to keep smaller items like lipsticks separate from bigger items like brushes.

If none of these options seems right for you, then consider creating something unique and unexpected to match your personality.

Mascara Box

If you only have a few eye shadows, you can make your own amazing personalized mascara box. This is a great way to pull together different shades or styles of eye shadow without having to buy an expensive new box.


If you like to do your makeup in different ways day by day, consider getting several customized kits. Make-up is almost always the same price no matter where you buy it, which means that you can get some travel-sized items and keep them in a small custom box for a full face of makeup no matter where you go. For example, if you have a lot of light shades but prefer dark, then put a bunch of dark ones in one kit and the light ones in another.

Lipstick boxes

If you like using different shades of lipstick, consider getting a personalized one for each shade. You can put a few of your favorite lipsticks in the same box to keep them together and save time in the morning. For example, if you put reds, pinks, and purples in the same box, then you’ll always know where to grab that perfect shade when you run out of time. If you travel often with your makeup, then it will be easier to keep everything together if you make your custom cardboard makeup boxes rather than using commercial ones. Making a few small changes can make all the difference between throwing everything together in a bag or having it arranged so that you can find what is useful on any given day or occasion.

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Foundation boxes

If you use foundation, then consider getting a customized box that sits on top of your dresser. If you have room, get an acrylic box that has a mirror inside. You can also get them with separate compartments to keep other makeup items divided from each other.

Nail polish boxes

Small refine custom boxes are ideal for organizing your nail polish collection. You can make them in flat palettes or put them in trays for larger collections. If you like to paint your nails often, then consider getting a magnetic board to hold your nail polishes in place without worrying about spills or smudges. Make-up boxes are a great and inexpensive way to organize your makeup and make your life easier. They are designed to sit on top of a dresser, table, or countertop and have space for many different items. If you want something stylish and functional, then consider painting your own custom makeup packaging. You can use stencils and acrylic paint to create any color or design you like. This is a great way to add some personality to an otherwise plain box that you won’t throw away.

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