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Damaged iPhone? – Should You DIY Or Go To A Reputed Apple Phone Repair Store in Colorado Springs?


When your mobile breaks, your first instinct is probably to look up DIY fixes on Google. Your reaction is justified, and it makes complete sense to save money and time, but some phone repairs aren’t worth the risk. In these situations, visiting a phone repair store is the best action to take.

There are a lot of people who can fix things themselves, but a lot of accidents happen when they try to fix their phones without the right tools or training. Simple, inexpensive fixes can easily be turned into more complex, expensive repairs. Let’s have a look at some typical issues that phone users experience and decide whether a DIY repair is better than a professional service.

DIY or an Apple Phone Repair Store?

Some of the most common issues that phone users face are listed below:

  • Broken Screen

A broken screen is one of the most frequent types of phone damage. Whether the screen is only slightly scratched or completely cracked, it needs to be replaced.

Even though a DIY repair kit is available, replacing the screen requires specialised tools that the average homeowner probably doesn’t have in their garage. Unsuccessful screen repairs could cause further harm to your phone quickly, possibly requiring a complete replacement. So, the answer to DIY is no!

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  • Charging Port Damage

Over time, the port where your phone charges may begin to malfunction. That frequently happens because the port attracts dirt and lint like a magnet. Sometimes, cleaning it yourself can cause more harm, so the answer is No!

  • Overheating
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Generally caused by a hardware malfunction, there’s not much the user can do in cases like these. It is recommended to take the phone to a phone repair store.

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  • Broken Back Glass

If you have an iPhone 8 or a more recent model, you must be aware of this. Apple’s new models have back glass, adding to their sleek and modern appearance. You should have the back glass repaired right away if it is broken.

  • Dead or Dying Battery

Manufacturers of most cellphones typically don’t make it easy for you to change the battery. As a result, the majority of customers waste money by buying a new phone when a new battery would have done the trick.

The claim that you can replace the battery in your phone on your own is made in a tonne of YouTube tutorials and other guides, but this is baseless. To open your phone, you will need to use specialised tools,  after ensuring that you buy the right battery. Besides that, there’s a chance that you’ll end up doing more damage to your phone if you don’t exert the right amount of pressure when opening it. You should never attempt to perform this repair yourself.

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Looking For A Phone Repair Store in Colorado Springs?

If you are an iPhone user with a damaged phone and are thinking of looking for DIY tutorials on Youtube, this is your sign to stop! It is always a wiser choice to let the professional do his job. 

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