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Debunking the Most Common Addiction Myths That Exist Today

addiction myths
addiction myths

Data shows that 21 million Americans suffer from addiction. Despite it being a major issue, there’s still a lot of stigma surrounding it. This often stops people who suffer from addiction from seeking help.

It also helps to contribute to the spread of myths and misconceptions. Addiction myths abound. These myths don’t do any favours for those who are trying to overcome their addiction.

You need to learn about the most common addiction myths that exist. This way you can have accurate information about drug abuse.

Addiction Is Just a Lack of Willpower

One of the most common addiction myths is that it affects people who lack willpower. This is a false assumption. Addiction changes a person’s brain which causes their willpower to become impaired.

The impairment causes addicts to lose self-control. It causes them to want more of their drug of choice. It leads them to develop an extreme craving for it.

Even if they know that abusing drugs is bad, they’re unable to resist it. It can even lead them to prioritize getting the drug over essentials like food and shelter.

Keep in mind that a person doesn’t choose to be an addict. Addiction is a chronic brain disease. Once a person develops a tolerance to a drug, the person will need to have stronger doses.

Addiction Could Never Happen to Me

Most people think that addiction can’t ever affect them. This kind of mentality is wrong. Addiction can affect anyone.

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It doesn’t discriminate against race or gender. It can affect anyone no matter their education level.

Addiction is hereditary, so it’s common for it to run in families. Genetics can drive addiction. If you’re at risk for addiction, you should refrain from using drugs.

Addiction Isn’t Treatable

You might think that addiction treatment doesn’t exist. It does exist and there are ways to control addiction.

People who suffer from addiction shouldn’t lose hope. There are alternative treatments available. A native American sweat lodge is one option to consider.

Treatment for Drug Addiction Should Be a One-Shot Deal

Another one of the addiction myths you must know about concerns the length of treatment. It’s wrong to state that treatment for drug addiction should be a one-shot deal. You just don’t go to rehab and everything will be better when you leave.

Not everyone can quit cold turkey. There’s a need for long-term treatment for most. This helps to promote addiction recovery.

Debunking Common Addiction Myths

These are some of the most common addiction myths that need to be debunked. People think that all types of addictions are the same.

The reality is that addiction is a disease that can affect anyone. The good news is that there are different types of treatments available. No one who deals with addiction should feel like there’s no way out.

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