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Decor trends 2023: 13 decor ideas you’ll see everywhere this year.

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Here are all the decoration trends you will see everywhere in 2023!

  1. Artisanal tufted rugs

Tufting is certainly popular this year. Carpet accessories are everywhere. In frames or directly on their wall, handcrafted rugs are colorful, playful and add personality to any decor. However, pay attention to their maintenance, which can sometimes be more delicate.

  • Colored lights

Retro as you wish, colored lights are making a comeback. In a monochrome decor or in an ultra-soft decor, they add a little colorful punch that changes everything.

  • Blue

This year, a wave of blue is taking over our decor. We can take inspiration from Mediterranean designs to make room for this color in our home. Whether it’s opting for patterned ceramic plates, adding a few cushions or completely repainting the walls of a room, blue is here to stay.

  • Positive living areas

To be comfortable at home, it starts with the way your furniture is arranged. If Feng Shui was in fashion a few years ago, you should know that in 2023 the positive disposition prevails. We therefore opt for round furniture, uncluttered living areas and maximum light. You have to feel good!

  • The English cottage look
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The farmhouse style takes on a new lease of life in 2023 with the English cottage spirit. Here, we choose old paintings found in flea markets to decorate our walls, we opt for vases of dried flowers, ceramics with an aged or checkerboard look and a touch of cream to paint our interior. The woodwork is popular here, but it must be finely chosen so as not to weigh down the space.

  • The great return of dark wood

In 2023, the spaces are warm and comfortable. This is what explains the great comeback of dark wood. Teak, acacia, walnut, ebony… Whether it’s for an island, a kitchen table, a bench in your hallway or simply in the choice of your frames… Think dark!

  • Checkerboard

Hello the motive of the moment! The checkerboard is everywhere, everywhere, and everywhere. This all-purpose motif is found both in elegant decors inspired by old English houses and in more eccentric decors where colors accumulate and objects and textures are superimposed.

  • Papier Mache

DYI creations are really everywhere in 2023. After a few years of stretching our fingers during the pandemic, the time has come to make your own creations and dare to be imperfect. Papier Mache is quite easy to handle and it gives a spontaneous look. Vases, frames, suspensions, sculptures… Everything is possible!

  • Relief ceramics

Ceramics in relief catch our eye this year. We love its dynamic and textured effect which adds a unique touch to any room.

  1. Color blocks

Ready or not, color blocks are hotter than ever. These extravagant decorations can sometimes surprise, but they are still very Instagram Mable. The most conservative will opt to add a fine touch of color to an already uncluttered space.

  1. Sustainable design
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The green trend is not about to run out of steam and this year again consumers are looking for sustainable objects or objects made with recycled materials. Platforms such as Marketplace, Kikiki, and Good Shopping continue to grow in popularity.

  1. Dynamic backgrounds

Geometric shapes, curves, surprising colors, different textures… Everything is possible in 2023! This is the start of everything. Dare to use color, patterns and layers. Dare to do it yourself! Dare imperfection!

  1. The Hook

For a while already, crochet seems to have made a place for itself in our decorations and it is far from the end. The grandma look continues to grow in popularity. We therefore find crochet in coasters, cushions, throws and sometimes even on our walls!

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