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Dharma in the Stars

Connect with a wisdom teacher who has developed Dharmic astrology as a tool for transformation and for benefitting beings. If you are indeed a modern day bodhisattva with the aspiration for a more compassionate world, this weekend of AstroDharma fundamentals will help you better understand and transform your own patterns and potential, and also understand and help the people around you.

Dharma in the Stars: AstroDharma Fundamentals

Dharma in the Stars is for those who wish to study a powerful tool to benefit beings: AstroDharma. If you are a modern day bodhisattva with the aspiration to increase clarity and compassion in this world, this weekend of AstroDharma fundamentals is for you.

“AstroDharma” is what Catherine Pawasarat Sensei calls her unique synthesis of Buddhist teachings on spiritual awakening (called “dharma”) and transpersonal Western astrology, based on the teachings of Carl Jung.

These two powerful tools help us better understand ourselves and the patterns we manifest in our lives. The more we know about ourselves, the more choices we have. Then we can make better choices so that we may lead healthier lives. Furthermore, we can also more deeply understand the patterns of those around us, and support the potential in others.

This weekend of study focuses on the fundamentals of astrodharma, with the aim to give you the building blocks for what is a vast and lifelong study. We want you to feel comfortably oriented around an astrological natal chart.

What You’ll Learn: AstroDharma Fundamentals

  • Read the fundamentals of your own astrological birth chart.
  • Become familiar with the 12 zodiacal signs and their most important characteristics.
  • Start to identify the planets and other celestial bodies, and their major qualities.
  • Gain clarity on the functions and main characteristics of the twelve astrological houses.
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Over the course, we will show you how to find your chart and we will look at participant charts together.  You are also encouraged to bring burning questions from your life right now – so we can study how this is reflected astrologically.

We will also learn how to use astrodharma to transform challenges and discover new strengths or hidden resources in our lives. Come all, look within, look to the stars!

A Western Mystical Journey through 2022, 2023 and 2024

Qapel’s first retreat with his Teacher Namgyal Rinpoche was on the ‘Movement of the Mandala’, an embodied initiation into the Tarot’s archetypes. Together with Catherine Sensei, he would like to pass on an in-depth transmission of the Western spiritual teachings over the next three years.

  1. The Tree of Life weekend course, this August 2022 is an introduction to the essence of the Kabbalah, Tarot and Western mystical teachings.
  2. The Hero’s Journey retreat is an interactive Western style work on shadow integration, offered in Germany in September  2022.
  3. The primary four week online Kabbalah study course starts May 2023. It will be an online deeper dive and study group into the archetypes of the universal spiritual journey, represented in the Tarot.
  4. The Dharma in the Stars AstroDharma course provides foundations for astrological study – of Western archetypes and also one’s soup map in this lifetime.
  5. The Movement of the Mandala retreat will be an experiential transmission of the Western Mysteries. It is the third and culminating teaching of this series and will be held in 2024. It will be an in-person only retreat. Participating in the February 2023 Tarot course is pre-requisite to attend.
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