Did You Get The Monthly FUT 22 Prime Gaming Reward?

Did You Get The Monthly FUT 22 Prime Gaming Reward?

FUT 22 players with an Amazon Prime subscription get one free pack per month. The pack features rare players and consumables.

Get your FUT coins PC from Futeamgo today! The best prices are just one click away! FUT 22 players have so many ways to get rewards. Surely, most of the items come from playing the game. However, programs such as Amazon Prime allow players to get prizes without any effort. If you are an Amazon Prime member, you are eligible for Prime Gaming rewards. If you cannot take advantage of this offer, don’t be sad! Just go to Futeamgo and get all the FUT 22 coins you need in a minute!

How to Claim FUT 22 Prime Gaming Rewards

As we’ve said, this only works if you have an Amazon Prime or Prime Video membership. The other requirement is to link the Amazon account with your FUT 22 account. If you have multiple game accounts, make sure to select the one on which you want to receive the rewards. You cannot link multiple game accounts to the same Amazon account. It takes only a few minutes to connect the two accounts. Once this process has been completed, you are eligible to receive Prime Gaming rewards. This means that you will get free FUT 22 items each month. The Prime Gaming Pack 8 contains seven gold items, 12 rare consumables, your choice of two cards with 82 OVR, and one Prime Icon card that you can use for five games Step By Step Guide of Unblocked Games 911 Friday Night Funkin.


The cards are based on game events. For example, this month’s pack may feature Team of the Season cards. It can take up to one hour to receive the items. Check the My Packs section in the FUT 22 store. You should see your Prime pack right there. If you play the game on multiple platforms, you will get the rewards on the first platform you log in with the FUT 22 account that was connected to the Amazon account. If you have linked the wrong account, you can undo this process. You can only do this once every six months, so don’t make a habit out of it. After you link the correct account, you can claim the items only if you didn’t already get them on the other account. The items are yours to keep forever. Even if you stop being a subscriber, the items you’ve already claimed won’t go away. You will just stop receiving new rewards. The Prime Gaming program also works with other games and has more benefits than just free FUT 22 packs.

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