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Difference between Designer clothes and Normal clothes

The clothing industry, one of the most important industries around the world is growing at a the rate of. It is possible to find new designers and brands each and every day each contributing to the world of fashion. Trends in designer clothing is becoming increasingly well-known every day, and people are becoming more conscious of their style. Women in particular, prefer to dress in a style that is unique to their tastes and make their look the most gorgeous of all.

What are designer clothes?

They are clothing designed by a respected designer who is distinctive in style and exceptional in terms of quality. Additionally, designer clothing is appreciated by their price because of the quality they provide. Designer clothing is one of a kind and bear the name of well-known fashion designers. 

Designer clothes are renowned for its unique design created with skilful craftsmanship and luxurious fabric with impeccable tailoring. Each detail of designer clothing is designed to meet the sophisticated taste of those who are able to afford these items. 

Best Designer clothing Brand

The best designer clothing is Gul Ahmad, an entire brand. Gul Ahmed is a well-known Pakistani designer clothing brand recognized for its high-end fabric and striking designs. Top Pakistani brands that sell designer clothes are Khaadi, Libas e Jamila, Maria B, Sobia Nazir, Bonanza Satrangi and many other.

What are Normal clothes?

Pakistani women are as aware of their clothes as women in any other part in the globe. For women, fashion is about comfy clothes that are stylish and fashionable. It is not possible for everyone to spend a fortune on designer clothing, no matter how they would like to put them on. The best option for individuals is regular clothes that are not labelled. These are clothes that aren’t claimed by any well-known fashion designer and are readily accessible to anyone at low costs. There are many markets that offer regular and designer clothing for all consumers.

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Difference Between designer cloth and normal clothes.

1. Main Difference is Label 

The main distinctions between designer clothing and regular clothes are the labels, the quality, and the price. Labels indicate the ownership of a designer on the design of the dress and is the owner of copyrights. The majority of clothes are copies of designer clothes that are the same in style, but with slight differences. The difference in quality is apparent in the designer and ordinary clothes.

Although they are labelled as such as designer, these collections aren’t as expensive priced as you might think. They are priced higher than regular clothes, but cheaper than most designer clothing.

2. Quality of Fabric

 Designer clothes are constructed using the highest quality fabric, without compromising quality, whereas normal clothes are made from regular top-quality fabrics. Two distinct differences make up the biggest difference in cost between normal and designer clothes. Because of extravagant designs and top quality fabrics, designer clothes are into the high-end price bracket. Regular clothes are priced at lower and cost-effective prices that are affordable for ordinary people.

3. Fashion style

Designer clothing receives more appreciation than regular clothes because of the uniqueness in their styles. Fashion-conscious women can quickly recognize a designer outfit when they see one because they’re not usual. While designer clothing cost, they certainly make heads turn for the incredible detail that makes them the focal point of every event.

4. Price Difference

 Regular clothes are very popular and often, you can find an original piece. The markets are brimming with diverse selections of women’s kurtas that are affordable yet fashionable. Regular clothes can be purchase at local markets or the numerous online stores that sell the clothes in bulk. 

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5. Designer clothes available in Official stores only

Designer clothes are available only in official stores and sites of the designer themselves. The process of obtaining an expensive dress isn’t as simple as you imagine. Pakistani women love the collection of clothes from these designers and are able to fill their wardrobes with the most recent collections each year. 

6. Varieties Of style

Designer clothes are available in a range of styles, from east to west from casual to formal with unstitched or stitched lawn to high-end. Designer casual clothes are ideal for casual wear and are inexpensive, whereas formal clothes are lavishly decorate and fall into the pricey category.

Regular clothes are also available in various designs and are usually copies of designer clothing. Women can take advantage of the unique designs that are copy from designer clothing while keeping their spending within their budget. However, this does come at the expense in terms of quality and fabric however.


In the end we can say that designer clothing is luxurious clothes only available to only a few people and normal clothes are available to everybody. Women are aware of when they should put aside money on designer clothing and when they can save money by wearing regular clothes.


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