Different Types of Online Tools You Can Use in Academic Research

Online Tools You Can Use in Academic Research

Because of the increasing trend of online learning, students now have a wide range of opportunities through the internet to get help in their research work. Because of this, many research tools have become common that can greatly help students in their academic research. You can get deep and meaningful information about any topic at any time through these research tools. These tools also allow you to collaborate with other people and get professional help. This article details the Different Types of Online Tools You Can Use in Academic Research.

Types of online tools:


Academic research can take a lot of your time. Because of this reason, you need a research tool that can help you organize your life both personally and professionally. For this, we want you to try Todoist. This tool has a functional and simple interface that promotes great collaboration. It has many apps for all devices and you can use this tool to make your to-do list wherever you are. It can help you manage all your tasks related to research. Through this app, you can also share your activities with other people. Because of these benefits, todoist was the choice of top Ph.D. dissertation help providers. Moreover, it also tracks the time of a specific task, undoubtedly, it’s also a good time tracking software.


This is a popular academic research tool with many functions. It can help you to get information from online databases. The end note is also a very good tool to auto-complete and manages citation and bibliography. This tool also allows you to share your data related to research with other people from collaboration. This tool can also save, manage and tag your research to get better access. Another important advantage of this tool is its bibliography maker, which generates citations in many different styles.

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When doing academic research, you often face many hurdles and problems. For this, EduGeeksClub is the best tool to help you do professional research. Through this tool, you can contact any professional researchers and writers. They can teach you many professional ways to do your research. Moreover, they can also give you papers you can use in your dissertation, assignment or paper. They also offer proofreading and editing services.


Zotero is another academic tool for good research. This tool can be added to your browser and uses many features to automatically recognise related information and content for you. It also offers a fully searchable library in just one click. This tool supports pdf documents, video and audio files. All of these features make it the perfect tool for your academic research.


It is a browser tool that can be very helpful in your research. It can help you find the right data for your research, rearrange it, save it and share it with others. The research written work and information must be supported through proper references. This tool produces these references automatically. There are many tutorials available on the internet that can help you use this tool efficiently.


For good academic research, you must remain up to date with the latest developments in various fields. To do this, DataElixir is the best way to find sources that can give you all the important news every week. Whether you want to research science or social subjects, this tool will give a lot of benefits because it collects the best news and data provided weekly. You need to put any effort for this. all you need to do is subscribe to the weekly newsletter.

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It is software to manage software. It is very similar functions to Zatero. It operates as an extension in the chrome browser. This way, it becomes accessible to Linux, Mac, OS and windows. We suggest you use this tool to search and save content for your academic research. You could easily save and export all the files to your google drive through this tool. This means you can also collaborate with other people for your research.


Sometimes you pay high prices for some journals and high-quality papers. However, they often fail to help you effectively. Thus, you must know useful information about things you are paying for. But the main issue here is that you only allow seeing abstracts before buying. So buy the full-text paper by just reading that abstract. After that, you find out it was of no use. DeepDyve allows you to read and access whole papers for a certain period. In this way, you can figure out if this paper will be useful or not during that limited period.


It is an online resource that can help your academic research. It focuses on to make easy for you to access scientific facts. It converts scientific knowledge all over the world, which is available in the form of literature, into data which could easily be accessible to you. All its services, features and tools are open and free to access. For inspiration, they often use Wikipedia and other websites.

Plagiarism checker:

Plagiarism is a very common issue that researchers face during academic research. It is important to avoid plagiarism as much as possible. You can use a plagiarism checker to check your plagiarism in your content. This tool will scan your text and will check for duplicity in it. If it detects duplicate content, you have to rewrite it or give better references to make it more unique.

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This article has given you a great list of online tools for your academic research. Research is a very hard-working task and takes a lot of time. However, with these awesome online tools, you can now get their work done efficiently and save a lot of your time. You can search for useful content, organise it, and save it for your research work. Moreover, you can also share your content with other people for collaboration with the help of these online tools.

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