Disability Organizations in the US

In the United States, there are several different disability organizations. These organizations work on a variety of issues, including international disability rights, education, employment, and more. Some of these organizations are not only based in the US, but also have regional centers. These groups also provide resources and assistance to college campuses. For example, Access Computing, based at the University of Washington, provides access to disabled students and professionals in computing and other fields. Another organization, the Transgender Law Center Disability Project, works to ensure that disability policies and legislation are integrated into transgender rights and policies.


The World Federation of the Deaf (WFD), the World Blind Union (WBU), and Disabled Peoples International (DPI) are just a few of the international disability organizations. Many of them have joined together to form an international network known as the International Disability Alliance. These organizations work to help people with disabilities lead full and independent lives.

These organizations are often composed of individuals with disabilities themselves or those close to them. They are an important voice for people with disabilities and are often the best advocates for their rights.


Ontario Community Power (OCP) supports the goals of the AODA and is committed to creating a barrier-free environment. The AODA aims to promote equality and improve access to information, communication, and products and services for people with disabilities. OCP’s policy and practices are based on these principles.

OCP works to provide peer support and resources to people with disabilities in higher education. The organization’s goal is to create a welcoming environment for people with disabilities and other identities. The nonprofit organization is not affiliated with Stanford University. It also offers a starting point for students to explore disability identity.

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The NDSS for Disability Organizations supports legislation that will help employers hire individuals with disabilities at competitive wages. The Transformation to Competitive Integrated Employment Act is designed to give employers more options to compensate employees with disabilities. It is also aimed at improving the quality of life for individuals with disabilities. However, the NDSS for Disability Organizations supports legislation that will prevent discrimination and ensure that people with disabilities are treated with dignity and respect.

Many people with disabilities need special accommodations to communicate with others. When these individuals interact with law enforcement, misunderstandings may result that can be potentially dangerous. That is why NDSS for Disability Organizations was a key player in helping to pass legislation to train law enforcement on IDD. Through a collaborative effort with other stakeholders, the NDSS was able to help pass legislation in Maryland and other states.

Autism Speaks

The name Autism Speaks is emblematic of the disability organization and its aims. In the past, it has promoted the medical model of disability, focusing on autism as a disorder and illness. The organization aims to “treat” autistic people by “finding a cure” for the disorder.

Founded in 2005, Autism Speaks is the largest advocacy and research organization for autism. It has a wealth of information on the disorder and its causes. It also works to improve access to care and support for autistic people. It also works to advance research into the causes and treatments of autism, including collaboration with various partners and governments.

While the organization has many positive attributes, it has a unique history of being a “heard-but-not-seen” institution. Since it insists on speaking for people with autism on the largest stage, the organization has refused to engage with many autistic critics.

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The Arc of the United States is the largest community-based disability organization in the country. Established in 1950, it serves people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It has state chapters in 39 states and more than seven hundred local chapters across the country. Its headquarters is in Washington, D.C.

The Arc is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide meaningful opportunities for people with disabilities. It is committed to promoting diversity in leadership and all aspects of its work. It also aims to catalyze public and private support for its programs. This mission has made The Arc a leader in the field of disability.


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