Tension, charge, bad posture and a lot of time in the same position. Most people know the consequences of an exhausting work routine: back, neck and leg pain. However, all these symptoms can be softened – and even eliminated – when some movements to do at work are inserted into everyday life.  

To help you achieve the benefits of a rested and stretched body, we’ve listed 5 exercises that can be done anytime, anywhere. Just a few minutes!

5 moves to do at work

1. Back stretch

To avoid spinal injuries  and in order to keep the muscles in the region always stretched, it is necessary to stand up straight, with your feet parallel and your knees loose. Interlace your hands behind your head and bring your head forward and down, making a cervical spine curl. Keep a satisfactory distance between chin and chest.

Slowly lower your body, curling your entire spine little by little. Once your elbows are level with your hips, release your hands until your fingers are pointing toward the floor. Then, go down as far as you can, always keeping your knees loose.

Take 10 long, smooth breaths. Come back slowly, unrolling the body and finally the head. Grow as if a little hook pulls the skull to the ceiling. Reverse the crossing of the fingers of the hands and repeat the movement.

2. Stretching for the wrist

To relieve the joints of repetitive movements, just remain seated, hold a fist with the opposite hand, keeping the palm facing down. Remember to keep the arm and shoulder on that side very relaxed. The hand you hold will shake the other until you feel a slight tingling or relaxation in the part that was shaken. Rest, watch the body and repeat with the other hand.

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3. To improve circulation

Those who sit for a long time need a few breaks during the day to get up and activate circulation. As you stand, keep your feet parallel, with your knees loose. Keep your toes flat on the floor and tap your heels gently, like a spring. Perform this movement 10 times.

This exercise stimulates proprioception and activation of leg musculature while providing lightness.

4. Neck Stretch

To stretch the lateral neck musculature, sit or stand, keep your arms by your sides and your spine straight. After that, gradually tilt your head slightly to one side and rest the hand on that side on it.

As you exhale, bring the opposite arm towards the floor. Hold the position for 30 seconds, rest and repeat on the other side. 

5. Movement for the neck

Lift and keep your feet together if possible. If you can’t, keep them parallel and far apart—hip-width apart. Raise your hands to your head and interlace your fingers at the nape of your neck.

Keep your eyes straight ahead and, with each exhalation, press a little force. 

The benefits of movements to do at work

Those who adopt the practices mentioned above in their routine can:

  • decrease tension in the muscles;
  • reduce the risk of injury;
  • increase concentration;
  • improve spinal positioning;
  • adjust postural problems;
  • optimize the functioning of organs;
  • activate blood circulation;
  • relieve muscle pain.

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