Do Features of A VoIP Phone System Include A2P Calling?


Businesses need a robust and reliable communication system to ensure that their daily calling operations are taken care of well. Surely, this is not possible with a traditional phone system. Although traditional cable line phones have served businesses for a long time, their time is over now as technology has evolved a lot. It is time to have a VoIP phone in your office as it offers tremendous features like multiple calling, a2p calling, file sharing, and many others as well. 

Well, the other mentioned features are very common as far as calling with a VoIP phone is concerned. However, a2p calls are something that not every caller is familiar with. A2P stands for application to person calls. This remarkable feature brings enhancement to your business communication as it allows you to broadcast your message to landline numbers and multiple mobile users through a voice call. Suppose that you have to send voice messages to multiple users. 

This will take longer if you start sending one by one to every person. However, an a2p voice call simply allows you to send a voice message to thousands of recipients in a short period. These messages are also known as enterprise or professional messages. Here in this, you will get to know the benefits of application-to-person calling. Moreover, you will also get to know some other features that a VoIP phone system can provide to enhance your business communication. 

Features of VoIP Phone & Benefits of A2P Calling

A2P Voice Call is a type of communication technology that allows you to record and send voice messages to multiple users simultaneously. Using this user-friendly feature of a VoIP phone, you can set up your pre-recorded message and contact list for Voice Calls, which is an automated process, therefore you do not need operators or dialers. Once you have the prerecorded message and contact list, the system will call the recipients and play the message. 

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Its penetrative reach and personalized messages make bulk voice calls an attractive communication method. You can use a2p calling to promote your products and services or convey your message. An innovative and creative way to communicate promotional content can be done through voice calls. It is possible to use voice calls for many things, including call blasts, reminders, follow-ups, event-based calls, and feedback. Political parties may also use voice calls to test their support.

Call Queuing

It is among the most significant features of a VoIP phone system. During busy periods, when you do not have any available agents to attend calls, your customers “line up” in a call queue and wait for the next available agent to answer all those calls that are queued. In order to serve your customers or clients efficiently and quickly, you need to answer these calls as early as possible. The call queuing feature of a VoIP phone helps in serving the callers in the best way without making them frustrated. 

File Sharing for Business

Business file sharing needs to be secure and done through a reliable platform. If you are still using a manual procedure to send or receive your important business documents then, your business is at risk. The information is very crucial and can not be afforded to be misused or lost. So, a better way to not only enhance your communication but make it secure is through a VoIP phone system. It offers secure file sharing for business which makes it easy for you to share documents.

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Call Forwarding

Business owners can find the call forwarding feature very useful. Using call forwarding can be beneficial to all companies, regardless of size, whether they are startups, small businesses, or large enterprises. Incoming calls can be improved and missed calls can be minimized by using this incredible feature of a VoIP phone system.  By redirecting incoming calls to another number or service, the service ensures that calls are not lost. This is often referred to as “call transfer”.


The voicemail system is a method of storing digital messages. An owner of the mailbox can retrieve a digitally stored voice message when you dial someone and they aren’t there. Since packets can hold any digitally transmitted information, the digitization of voicemail systems offers more functionality. This means that using a VoIP phone in place of a traditional phone ensures that you never miss any important call or message. 

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