Double Your Sales with App Customization Ideas for Black Friday!

Black Friday is approaching, and we are all set to grab our favorite deals. At the end of every year, millions of people like us wait for this famous worldly day to shop at our convenience without leaving our comfy places for products having huge discounts and offers. 

With simple access on our mobile phones, some taps, and clicks, we are all set to purchase and get our favorite items at our doorsteps. 

Exciting, isn’t it?

Users make the most of Black Friday, but some eCommerce startups fail to attract many users even though they have their apps. 

Do you know why?

Because they lack in their application customization. How would a consumer know about a sale, offer, and discount, if you are not informing them about the same? The consumer will only visit your store once you show them. That’s why it is essential to attract them with eCommerce app customization ideas for Black Friday and other festive seasons. 

Here is a detailed guide on the same. Ensure to read throughout, and don’t forget to connect with the eCommerce app development company that will leave you spellbound with their application designing skills. 

App Designing Ideas for Black Friday 

Move into and learn how you can turn your application into a captivating tool and double your sales. 

  1. Launch Contest 

More people will visit and shop for your products once you bring the contest to your app. Moreover, beating the competitive edge while integrating technologies into the application, like a chatbot, AI, blockchain, and AR, can do many more wonders. 

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Tip: Bring an additional 5% discount for users who will participate in the contest so that it becomes easy for you to attract them. 

  1. Black Friday Theme

What if your application looks like a Black Friday celebration?

It will captivate users’ attention, right?

Just like a regular store turns into a themed occasion and attracts various consumers, your application will also attract them and increase the customer base. Moreover, what gives it more definition is the offers and discounts. Therefore, ensure to add every essential element that will make your app outstands from others. Don’t forget to consult the best mobile app development company in USA to add this vital feature to your application. 

Tips: GIFs and some catchy designs will again help you attract your audience.  

  1. Share Content

To keep your users engaged with your app, you must share content regularly in different ways. For example, you can bring some fun facts, puzzles, and a history of Black Friday. It will build an image of you in front of your customers, and they will feel more attached to your application. Instead, you can derive some loyal customers from such fun activities. 

Tips: Add activities that relate to the occasion and keep them engaged.

  1. Customized Push Notifications

What else you can do to attract your users on your eCommerce platform is enable customized push notifications. Every alert and message about discounts, cashback, and special offers that we see on our mobile phones is part of push notifications. A regular push notification can improve customer engagement and retention; just think about how it will improve customer retention if customized with the festival theme.

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Tip: You can take reference from a food delivery application or shopping app to understand how to design notifications. 

  1. QR Codes for Downloads

This idea will work if you use social media handlers. 

Do you know how?

Let us explain the same!

You can post stories on your Instagram and other social media platforms about the discounts and offers coming on the auspicious occasion of Black Friday, attached with a QR code through which the users can download the application. Those who show interest can download the app while scanning the QR code and explore various opportunities to get items at the most affordable price. It will surely help you in deriving more customers for your application. 

To Sum it Up!

Undoubtedly, users shop more for their friends and families during the festive season. However, they go to that shop that screams the best offers. That’s what you need to do to attract more customers and double your sales during Black Friday and any other festive event. You have to approach your customers if they are not coming to you. 

And guess what?

These app designing tips will help you significantly to approach your customers. Consult the best eCommerce app development company that will help you generate more profit from your application. 

Black Friday is the day that users wait for the most to grab exciting offers. You can have the most of this day with the right approach. We hope that the ideas or strategies discussed above greatly help your app promotion. However, let us know in the comment if you have any further queries regarding this content. 

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