Drawing a Self-Portrait in an Abstract Style

Learn how to draw an abstract self-portrait with the aid of this straightforward step-by-step lesson. If you design closed forms, there will be a tonne of alternatives for coloring it in! Do your pupils require more practice drawing faces but you dislike their propensity to overanalyze the eyes? Or, if they are drawn, do they usually come out on the little side?

This simple guide will assist you in avoiding all that because it contains a method for drawing exaggeratedly huge eyes. They can still offer their unique touches in a variety of places, though. In fact, my PDF provides several examples of how to draw different forms of hair to help them get started.

The finished picture will include a lot of closed forms that scream to be filled with a rainbow of vibrant colors. Asking pupils to refrain from connecting with one another in order to create abstract art portraits will reveal what kind of magic emerges.

Utilizing Drawing Aids

The greatest method to get kids started on any drawing project successfully is to show them how to use guides as a reference. You may have noticed that each tutorial step on this page has a dashed line both horizontally and vertically running through it. Students can easily reference their own centered lines on their own paper before drawing by making their own.

For instance, the first step of this abstract face starts in the upper left corner of the page. The line descends to the bottom and then turns upward once more to the center of the right quarter.

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Does that indicate that students must first draw a large, fat line down the center of their page before starting? Oh no, please don’t! It would probably be difficult to get rid of that without ruining the finished piece of art. No, just crease it after folding it in half on both sides.

Drawing Materials for an Abstract Self-Portrait

  • Drawing paper. This top-notch item is offered at a discount and in large quantities.
  • It is a waste of money to get the lowest brand. These ominous lines look fantastic.
  • Black marker You can use a permanent marker to get a great, rich black tone.
  • The packs with a choice of colors are the most helpful.
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The Top 10 Abstract Works Ever Created

Abstract art of the late 19th century was a highly versatile artistic style that included a variety of genres.

Abstract art was created as a result of artists’ ambition to create pieces that were completely unrelated to and unrestricted by visual cues that appeared in daily life. As a result, artwork reflected the many developments that were taking place in science, technology, and society during the period.

An Introduction to Abstract Painting

Because so many artists have decided to experiment in this area, abstraction in art has expanded significantly throughout the years as a non-representational art movement. throughout the late 19th and early 20th centuries, according to legend.

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