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Earn money from home? 5 options at a glance

Would you like to earn some extra money without having to leave home? We have five great ways you can make money from home.

There are many ways to make money online through creativity. Who would have thought that before the internet? You can easily earn your money from home . The Internet makes it possible, although “quite simply” refers more to the possibilities than to the work itself. But with which activities can you earn money at home? This article presents four options.

1. Texts

All the texts that are available on the internet have been written by someone before. And these texts could also come from your own pen if you dare to take this step. For the first steps, there are quite practical text exchanges where beginners can register. They usually have to write a classification text so that it can be seen for which salary level a newcomer is suitable. The texts on the portals and text exchanges are paid relatively poorly, but they are ideal for seeing whether this job is suitable for you. You can’t make a living from these texts, but it always makes sense to practice on the portals. Otherwise applies:

  • Earnings – outside of the stock exchanges, it has to be negotiated yourself. Beginners can only be advised not to fall for the massive ads that promise texts for 1 cent/word every day. If you work hard, you get pocket money, but you quickly lose interest.
  • Working hours – you can text from anywhere and it’s quite casual. However, if you want to earn money with it, you can count on eight hours a day, depending on the desired income and price per word. What’s on the table isn’t always interesting either, so it can be hard to motivate yourself.
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Texten also reveals a side of online business that many people aren’t even aware of: the Internet never sleeps and some customers are offended when their midnight e-mail isn’t answered by eight o’clock.

2. Earn money with surveys

This option is more suitable as a part-time job, but it can still make the cash register ring. Orgnaizations, companies or PR agencies are behind the surveys. That’s how it works:

  • Register – either you register in a portal, alternatively relevant surveys can also be found on the net. It is always important to only use an e-mail address for the surveys so that everything remains clear.
  • Salary – there is a rule of thumb that ten minutes can bring one euro. It is quite possible to earn up to 500.00 euros per month.

It is important that interested parties register with as many providers as possible and fill out several surveys every day. Since there is a pre-selection with short questions in some surveys, it is possible that you will not be used because of the pre-selection. If you are interested, here are detailed tips for paid surveys so that the chances of success increase.

3. Offer tutoring

Many students need tutoring Tutoring is already an option for students to improve their pocket money. But as a student or employee there is also the opportunity to earn something extra with tutoring. This does not even require special training. Anyone who can teach others something can offer tutoring. Tutoring can be given face-to-face or online. There are special platforms for this, such as Preply , on which people who are willing to learn can post job offers for online tutors.

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Depending on the order situation, it is also possible to work full-time as a tutor. Regardless of whether you want to offer tutoring on the side or as a full-time job, you have two options:

  1. become self-employed as a tutor
  2. work as an employed tutor

If you decide to be employed full-time as a tutor by a tutoring institute, you don’t have to worry about the organization or the administration. However, your employer will withhold a large part of the course fees for themselves. If you become self-employed, you have to organize everything yourself and look for your tutoring students yourself. But you will receive the full course fees for this. However, from a certain level of earnings, taxes are due to the tax office.

4. Your own online shop

Of course, this option presupposes that the interested party has something to sell himself – or knows what he wants to sell. In addition, a business registration is necessary for the online shop , even if no business tax is due until a certain amount is achieved. Basically, this option is perfect for anyone who:

  • Are creative – the online shop is ideal for those who do handicrafts, paints, handicrafts or even make their own soaps. Selling your own treasures has never been easier.
  • Are imaginative – on the other hand, there are various ideas with which a shop can be used. How about your own second-hand shop, maybe even for old crockery or other pieces?

A problem of the online shop is that not only the dispatch of the goods has to be ensured, but also that the shop is initially difficult to find on the web. Shop operators have to deal with SEO and advertising, otherwise there is a high probability that the shop will never be found. An alternative to your own online shop would certainly be access to a dealer on Amazon or eBay. Now the infrastructure is being provided, which of course costs a contribution.

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5. Micro jobs

Of course, there are other online jobs that can bring in more or less money. This is sometimes the case with data research, in which the jobber researches data or information on behalf of others and receives a certain amount for it. There are also jobs that sometimes start with only small amounts, but can certainly develop into full-time employment:

  • Proofreading – the small orders mean nothing more than proofreading homework or study papers for a fee. If you don’t like that, you can see if you don’t want to proofread books. This is paid much better, sometimes even employment with the publisher is possible. And if you do well here, you can easily develop a full-time job out of it.
  • Editing – this is the continuation of proofreading . It is more demanding due to the content check, but it also pays better.
  • Translation – small publishers in the USA in particular are always looking for translators so that the books can be sold on the German market. The payment depends on the publisher, the length of the book and how long a translator has been involved.

Design assignments – all the possibilities that the Internet offers give new jobs to those who have a knack for design and graphics: those who can handle Photoshop or Gimp, those who enjoy creating graphics for shops and websites, If you dare to do book covers or even create videos, you only need talent and a few orders to turn it into a real busin

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