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 Education: A Powerful Mind is a Powerful Body


Education is a word that is implanted in our thoughts since childhood. When a child is able to say some words or able to walk then we admit our child to Montessori, Playgroup to start early basic education. It’s quite an essential and the main objective of life. The role of education and its benefits are uncountable. It helps us in so many ways. You get to know yourself.

As I said, a powerful mind is a powerful body that means when we educate ourselves, we make ourselves strong and unstoppable. We make a strong and stable When the mind is powerful then the body is powerful as well. Our education relates to our mindset’ and our way of thinking. It gives us the sense to think about our minds and body. Education is a single thing that has 100% positive effects on us without any single negative effect. Schools need to work on this objective to groom the mind and body studies as The Punjab School comes on a good list of schools that are working on this objective. We need to work on School Near Jia Bagha Road area as well. In this article, I will go in-depth that how education helps us and how it relates to our mind and body health.

 “Education is the tool that breaks down all the barriers”

Relation of Education with our Mind and Body

Education is a medium that gives us strength’ knowledge’ confidence’ awareness’ and Self-Power makes us unstoppable. It has a positive role in our mind and body. It’s a single thing that impacts all safe effects on us. It sharpens our thinking. How it relates to our mind and body, it affects a positive role on us as we feel comfortable and confident about our health. We get enough sense to think about our health we go fort he things which are beneficial for health like we go for exercise’ gym’ jogging’ walk and outdoor activities which are fruitful for our health. It has a significant impact on our physical growth and physical well-being.

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It means everything is external which is in the surroundings except our education which is implanted inside. No one can steal from us. It behaves as our most powerful tool. Education has been proven to add years to our life.

Educational Role in our Personal Growth

Education impacts a best positive role in our personal growth. It enhances our skills and acts like a role model in our life. It grooms our personality and gives us a remarkable appearance in front of the world. Always learn things on your own and never stop searching for items and knowledge as it’s the medicine of our soul.

“Personal Development is the key to a Healthy’ Wealthy and Fulfilled life”

Education has become more significant and essential than ever before. It gives us freedom in society and It gives us multiple opportunities which are necessary for survival in this world.

Education gives us the thought about self-care. It makes us capable of thinking about ourselves. We always need to care about our souls and body. Because life is always about health. Change yourself with the world always be in search of new things which lift your soul and encourage you. Never stop at any point in the world full of wonders.

                   “Always Go with the Flow in search of knowledge”

We should always feed our souls with positive thoughts. Surround yourself with positive people. Be in a circle of good community people. It will help you to lift yourself UP. Schools should work on this point they should give behavioral education. Teachers should feed behavioral education into the minds of students at an early age. This study gives them a lifetime advantage.

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Schools give us the platform to develop our skills and schools perform a notable role in the development of a child. It makes them capable to be good citizens of society to perform their duties. Our government should work on this objective to open schools in every area of Pakistan if they want a developed country. One of the branch of The Punjab School has been established School Near Jia Bagha Road which is a plus sign for the student’s facilitation to give them qualified education. Because education is the medicine of the soul and body.                       “Education is the mother of Leadership”

Dario Smith