Eemma DiGiovine off Biography

Emma Digiovine was just a normal Fox News Channel employee responsible for the production of the company. However, things changed dramatically when she began to dream of something totally different following her admission of her marriage to a man known as Jesse Watters, who happens to host the wildly popular show Watters World on Fox.

Digiovine was the associate producer for Watters’ World. And she was removed from her role on the show and moved to a different neighborhood once the scandal broke out in the media. 


Emma DiGiovine was born in 1992. However, we’re not aware of the exact date on which the stunning journalist first looked into our world. When she was young, she was a fan of playing different sports, including softball, soccer, and field hockey. She loved dancing and later went to ballet classes in Manhattan. Which is a tiny city situated on the shores of New Jersey, in the United States of America. She attended her high school. She completed high school in Cranford.

Eemma DiGiovine Education

She excelled in school from the beginning, at the beginning of her early childhood. She graduated from the Academy of Saint Elizabeth high school. Following that, she attended Fairfield University and earned an undergraduate diploma in mass communication as well as journalism. In 2015. She began working as a PA for Fox News shortly after graduating. It was there that she met her love interest, now boyfriend, and the perfect guy, Jesse Watters.

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Emma DiGiovine’s Parents

We don’t have much information regarding Emma Digiovine‘s father and mother. Even so, we have no information about her childhood story, her struggles, achievements, etc. Based on the information we have gathered, she may have siblings. However, she has disclosed any information about her life, career or parents, relatives. 

Professional Career

At university, Emma DiGiovine did an internship with Showtime Channel, and then, following her graduation, she took on the role of associate editor for Wainscot Media. Then, she tried her hand at being a model in fashion and was accepted to MSA Models. MSA Models agency. In her time at MSA Models, she worked with a variety of famous fashion brands like Macy’s as well as Tommy Hilfiger.

Emma then went on to pursue a professional career in journalism. So, in February of 2015, she was hired by Fox News in New York City. She began as John Stossel’s personal assistant and production assistant for his talk show.

Emma DiGiovine Physical Appearance

DiGiovine is an hourglass shape and weighs in the vicinity of 120 pounds (55kgs). Her height is 5 feet 6 inches (1.68m) and she has vital figures of 35-26-36. She has blue eyes and long, dark hair.

Emma DiGiovine Husband

Emma Digiovine and her husband, Jesse Watters, have been in a long-term romantic relationship since the beginning of 2019. Jesse’s relationship with Noelle Watters began shortly after he divorced his first partner. Emma Digiovine and Jesse Watters married in December 2019 and officially became husband and wife. Emma and Jesse are both 13 years older than each other. Jesse Watters is 41 years old.

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Emma DiGiovine Baby

Her husband, Jesse, revealed her pregnancy on the television show The five. He then held a gender reveal celebration and served cupcakes. The blue-colored cupcakes were discovered by the hosts while cutting the cupcakes, signaling the sweet boy who was born.

The couple welcomed their baby boy on April 1, 2021. They named their new baby boy Jesse Bailey Watters Jr. After the birth of the new baby, Jesse stated that “my world” was becoming a bit bigger and more expansive. Her stepdaughters are Sophia and Ellie Watters.

Net Worth of Emma DiGiovine

Emma DiGiovine is 27 years old, is quite young, and is aspiring to a career. In 2022, her estimated net worth is approximately $50,000. However, as we mentioned earlier, she has a long time to live. The amount she earns will likely increase as time passes.

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Emma Digiovine always chooses unique areas where she can show her skills and talents, which is her reason for being in this position today. Emma Digiovine always states that you are the only one accountable for your choices and actions you take to turn your life around. This is exactly what she did in her own life.

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