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Efficient and Rapid Method to Reserve Haulage Truck Services

The transportation industry is evolving, and so are the needs of customers. The traditional methods of booking a haulage load or truckloads are becoming outdated, and customers are looking for more efficient ways to get the job done. This is where Truckslife comes in.

A smart and quick way to book a truck for Haulage services

Truckslife is a fast-growing platform dedicated to the trucking and haulage business in the UK. It is an online platform that provides a quick and easy way for customers to book haulage services. The platform has been developed with a user-friendly interface that benefits Haulage service providers, customers needing transport for haulage loads or haulage backloads, and companies and individuals looking for haulage backloads availability.

What are Haulage backloads?

Haulage backloads are loads that are transported on the return journey of a vehicle that would otherwise be traveling empty. Truck backloads are the same but for trucks specifically. These loads are a great way to save costs on transportation, as the vehicle would otherwise be making the journey empty, so adding a load on the return journey can help reduce overall costs.

Benefits of using Truckslife for customers

Customers looking for haulage services can benefit greatly from using Truckslife. The platform has a large number of service providers offering a range of services. This means that customers can find the best deals on haulage services, including haulage backloads and truck backloads. The online platform and mobile app are very easy to use, and customers can connect with reputable companies/individuals offering cost-efficient haulage services.

How to find Haulage Loads using Truckslife?


Finding haulage loads using Truckslife is a straightforward process. Customers can enter their location and the required distance from them. They can also enter specific vehicle details or load carrying capacity to match loads for their vehicle. A list of available haulage loads will be displayed with “View Details,” showing a map of the haulage load route and load details. Once a customer finds a haulage load they are interested in, they can place a bid on it.


What is Truckslife?

Truckslife is a platform dedicated to the trucking and haulage business in the UK. It provides a convenient online platform and mobile app where haulage service providers can advertise and promote their services and customers can find the best deals on truck backloads and haulage backloads services.

How does Truckslife work for customers?

Customers seeking truck loads and truck backloads can use Truckslife’s online platform or app to connect with reputable companies and individuals offering cost-efficient haulage services. They can search for haulage loads or haulage backloads based on their location, available times, specific vehicle details, or load carrying capability. They can then bid on any available haulage loads or vehicles they are interested in. Once their bid is accepted, the owner of the haulage loads or vehicles will contact them directly to arrange pickup.

How does Truckslife work for haulage service providers?

Haulage service providers can advertise their haulage loads, truck loads, or haulage backloads and truck backloads services on Truckslife’s platform to connect with potential customers looking for their services. They can take advantage of unique features like free advertising, targeted audience, and a modern advertising platform. All adverts are free, and commission is only charged when a sale is made.

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Is Truckslife available only in the UK?

Truckslife is primarily focused on the UK market, but it also serves haulage service providers and customers in Europe.

How secure is the bidding process on Truckslife?

Truckslife’s platform uses secure payment methods and a rating system to ensure that the bidding process is safe and secure for both haulage service providers and customers. Customers can rate the service provider they worked with, and service providers can rate the customer they worked with, which helps to build a trustworthy community on the platform.