Elements of a Custom Deck: An Example

Elements of a Custom Deck: An Example

The most fundamental DIY deck is typically not much more than a platform attached to the side of a house. However, as you will see in the following examples, a custom deck — or even a DIY deck that has been dressed up by the talent of a patient and determined homeowner — can have a number of design elements. Google comm is TV/Movie Award creates on Facebook account. www.google.comm

A Designer Deck (Lawrence Winterburn)

In the same place, a skilled professional or even a do-it-yourselfer with good skills and a lot of patience can build a real designer deck. In this situation, the final deck is a work of genius because it has both old and new parts. This deck was built by Lawrence Winterburn, a professional carpenter, writer, and designer. It fits perfectly with the New England style of the house, but it also has modern see-through railings and some interesting curved lines that give the deck and house a modern look.

Lawrence Winterburn says, “The hardest jobs are the ones that someone else started.” “These are also the places where the client will admire you. Often, they’ve been looking at a project that’s almost done for years, so when you finish it, they’re thrilled.”

If you look at the details of the deck, you can see why this homeowner was so happy with the end result. 

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Classic Decking

In order to create a contrast, Winterburn installed high-quality oiled wood decking that had a completed border. In addition, the railings were painted white. Although a wide variety of synthetic decking materials are frequently utilized in do-it-yourself deck projects, nothing rivals the timeless appeal of natural wood that has been left untreated and given a natural finish.

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Railings that Are Both Classic and Modern

The completion of a bespoke deck project can be enhanced with the addition of fashionable deck railings. In the first illustration that we will look at, Winterburn constructed clear see-through railing panels to enable a view down to the nearby patio and yard. However, Winterburn also constructed privacy screening on the side railings by utilising unique curved lines.

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Another Winterburn Construction Site

In the second “before” site, Lawrence Winterburn was confronted with an unattractive backyard that lacked even the most fundamental form of landscaping. A blank canvas like this one can be the perfect spot to develop a deck, especially if you want it to be quite vast.

Another Winterburn Creation

In addition to extending the visual lines of the house, a deck that is well-designed and well-constructed can also provide a comfortable space for outdoor living. Take a look at this particular illustration to see how Winterburn mirrored the hues and patterns of the brick house to create a deck that appears to be an organic extension of the building. The dignified upright lines of the towering home are echoed by the classic vertical balusters of the railing, and the pergola recalls the French manse impression that the home’s architecture conveys.

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Adding Landscaping Completes the Project

Observe how, on the expansive property that serves as the location for our second deck, the completion of the transition from the house to the deck to the yard is achieved by the installation of a ground-level patio and detailed landscape plantings.

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View from the Completed Deck

Decks that have been thoughtfully planned will always be built with an awareness of what the people who will be using the space want to see, as well as what they do not want to see. The curved lines and see-through railing panels in this area give the residents an unobstructed view of the forested area that surrounds the property.

“The brick columns that hold the pergola beams together with the curve worked really well to make the deck one with the house-part of the home,” adds Lawrence. “The deck is now an integral part of the home.” “Rather than a protuberance, it is an extension.”

An Ordinary Platform Deck

It is often necessary to simply get rid of an older and more well-known deck in order to make room for something brand new and intriguing. In the 1970s and 1980s, platform decks were all the rage for a while, but when Lawrence Winterburn encountered this area, it quickly became evident that the outmoded design would have to be scrapped….

Calls for Complete Replacement

in favor of a big paved patio surface and the installation of an elegant pergola that gives the landscape the sensation of a Mediterranean courtyard….in favor of removing the existing trees and shrubs from the area. This patio and pergola combo incorporate the surrounding landscape into the home’s living space by providing many walk-out access points from both the main house and the sun porch.

When a Deck Calls for a Privacy Screen

A well-designed deck will take advantage of views that are desired to the occupants, but it will also employ ingenious methods to conceal other views, such as those of adjacent homes or decks that are relatively near by. The typical answer for do-it-yourself decks is to install simple lattice panels, but there is no reason why you can’t be more creative about it, as this ingenious and appealing curving side railing treatment demonstrates. You might remember this as a feature from the very first Winterburn deck that we checked out.

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Another Screening Option

As seen on the outer corners of this deck, tall, majestic lattice panels can also be employed to create a more private screen. This custom deck is available to you. Take note of the way in which glass panels allow more light to enter the front side of the deck while screens concurrently create a sense of seclusion on the other sides of the deck.

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