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Embrace yourself with Blocks at Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Embrace yourself with Blocks at Kingdom Valley Islamabad

1          An Ideal Place for Your Dream House

Kingdom Valley is a brand-new luxury housing estate in the center of Islamabad. This property serves as a hub for several other upscale housing complexes on Chakri Road. The city is a pleasant place to visit with its serene infrastructure and services such as hospitals, parks, and schools. Kingdom Valley raises the bar for your way of life. 

It provides a variety of business and residential site sizes. Kingdom Valley makes it simple for investors to invest by providing a flexible and inexpensive payment plan.

Kingdom Valley Islamabad, a modern, cutting-edge housing complex with PHATA clearance, is located near the M-2 Lahore-Islamabad Motorway, yet distant from the city’s congestion. 

The developers are working hard to provide great knowledge and service at a fair price. Kingdom Valley is well-known among Pakistan’s housing societies. It offers high-end amenities for a better living. The community has wonderful wide roads, a gorgeous location in the city center, health care and education facilities, shopping malls, social groups, and other amenities. 

Overall, Kingdom Valley has everything needed to meet international standards. It is an ideal site for investment. Foreigners and Pakistanis alike can invest in and buy real estate in Pakistan with great confidence. The society’s affiliation with the Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme boosts trust.

2          Master Plan of Kingdom Valley Islamabad

Kingdom Valley is a strategically built and executed project created by The Kingdom Group, one of the country’s most prominent developers. Their enormous experience and a wide team of skilled individuals (engineers, architects, etc.) have worked night and day tirelessly to make this goal a reality with honesty, teamwork, passion, and devotion. 

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This company is well-known for producing high-quality work and completing high-level media, sales, construction and consulting, digital marketing, and management projects. Over the years, the Kingdom Group has maintained an unblemished track record of 100 percent consumer satisfaction.

The Kingdom Valley Islamabad is one of its founders’ and owners’ best inventions. It covers an area of 15000 Kanals. It provides numerous amenities to its people. It is a legitimate project run by the Naya Pakistan housing society, founded by Pakistan’s former Prime Minister, Imran Khan. Its legality makes it well-known among buyers and investors. When a proposal is lawful, investors become interested. When a real estate project receives NOC, it is more likely to be completed.

3          Blocks At the Society

Commercial, residential, farmhouse, and overseas blocks are available in the housing society. The type of services varies across the categories mentioned above, with quality remaining a top concern at all levels. Our mission is to provide clients with high-quality services, a luxurious lifestyle, and amenities. Kingdom Valley has a plot portfolio available. Clients can purchase plots of 1,2,5,7, and 10 Marla in the residential and commercial blocks.

3.1        General Block

Kingdom Valley has grown in prominence because of its well-known developers. The overall project is well-planned, developed, and executed. Kingdom Valley General Block provides a range of plots at reasonable prices.

The payment plan includes eight bi-annual and forty monthly payments spaced out over four years. Furthermore, when balloting, individuals must pay a certain sum as a down payment to confirm and secure their plot. 

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The size of the land determines the amount of this down payment. The remaining payment must then be paid in installments. Prices in the general block begin at PKR 975,000 and rise to a maximum of PKR 13,000,000.

3.1.1     Available Plot Sizes

Plots in the following sizes are available in the general block:

·                     3.5 Marla

·                     5 Marla

·                     8 Marla

·                     10 Marla

·                     1 Kanal

3.1.2     Payment Plans of The Available Plots

The payment plan at the general block is as follows:

·                     3.5 Marla plot is offered at PKR 750,000/

·                     5 Marla is offered at PKR 975,000/

·                     8 Marla is offered at PKR 1,350,000/

·                     10 Marla is offered at PKR 1,650,000/–

·                     1 Kanal is offered at PKR 2,500,000/

3.2        Executive Block

It was designed and created by the country’s top professionals. These professional veterans have done everything possible to make the executive block the right location while guaranteeing its residents enjoy a pleasant living experience by providing the best services and amenities available.

3.2.1     Available Plot Sizes

Kingdom Valley Executive Block offers the following assortment of plot categories while keeping in mind the requirements of potential customers:

·                     6 Marla

·                     8 Marla

·                     10 Marla

·                     1 Kanal

3.2.2     Payment Plans of The Available Plots

Let’s look at the Kingdom Valley executive block’s investment plan.

·                     6 Marla plot is offered at PKR 13,40,000/

·                     8 Marla is offered at PKR 17,90,000/

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·                     10 Marla is offered at PKR 21,90,000/

·                     1 Kanal is offered at PKR 32,00,000/

3.3        Farmhouse Block

The farmhouse block is ideal for those looking for a unique and modern farmhouse. The Kingdom Valley Farmhouse Block has a range of plot sizes to choose from.

3.3.1     Available Plot Sizes

The sizes of these plots are as follows:

·                     2 Kanal

·                     4 Kanal

·                     8 Kanal

3.3.2     Payment Plans of The Available Plots

There are various payment schedules available for different types of plots. A down payment and a deposit are required to secure a farmhouse. Payment schedules for each plot type are mentioned below.

A two Kanal plot costs Rs. 4,000,000 with 400,000 down payments, while a four Kanal plot costs Rs. 7,500,000 with 750,000 down payments. Down payments for an Rs. 13,000,000 8 Kanal plot are 1,300,000.

Farmhouse block provides a variety of amenities to its occupants. If you want to enjoy these amenities, you can reserve farmhouses by making a down payment by contacting lead marketing. A 10% deposit is acceptable. You can make 40 monthly payments or eight bimonthly annual payments.

3.4        Kingdom Villas

At Kingdom Villas, we have the following:

·                     3.5 Marla is offered at 3,500, 000

·                     5 Marla is offered at 3,000,000,

Bootim Line: 

This main aim of the developers of this housing project is to provide international standard facilities at pocket friendly prices. All the block of this project are totally different from others in term of facilities and amenities. 

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