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Encouraging Employee Participation Via BBS Programs

BBS safety programs

Behaviour-Based Safety or BBS programs are conducted to make employees aware of their overall safety capabilities. This program was started so that workers could be motivated to behave safely by using positive reinforcement.

BBS Salient Features:

  • BBS emphasises the behaviour patterns and actions of every employee.
  • BBS urges employees to take responsibility for their own safety.
  • Supporters of BBS programs feel that it helps to bring the issue of safety to the forefront
  • Implementation of the BBS program can be effective enough to bring great positive results

The sundry benefits of BBS Programs:

  • Employee Participation

Behaviour-based safety programs inspire employee participation. It encourages whole-heartedly employee participation to gain knowledge on all the safety techniques that need to be adapted in a work environment. They also get a clear idea about what is working and what is not as regards safety. A successful BBS safety program cannot be achieved without the active involvement and full participation of employees (from all work levels).

  • Positive Reinforcement

When you discuss workplace safety, even a small positive action can bring superior results. Many employees do not seem keen on sitting for long hours at safety meetings. Introducing positive reinforcement to enhance workplace safety culture through such programs can be fruitful.

  • Total Safety Culture

Total safety culture is a concept wherein individual employees value safety and do not just take it as a priority. Safety culture also urges individuals to take responsibility for safety on behalf of their co-workers. All employees (senior and junior levels) must be willing and ready to act responsibly for themselves and others. Within a safety culture atmosphere, employees must be willing to perform beyond the call of duty.

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Necessary Features to Ensure Lasting Workplace Safety Culture

It is the responsibility of the management to improve the safety of the workplace. Management-level professionals should display regular acts related to safety. Moreover, there should always be open and respectful communication between the management level and lower-level employee teams regarding different safety aspects in the business workplace. An open dialogue between employees and active participation can pave the way to feedback-rich culture. This can help the employees to learn constantly and grow as individuals.

Unsafe Behaviour Patterns

Safe as well as unsafe behaviours get noticed. Human errors may not be deliberate, but they are the results of casual behavioural tendencies. Being complacent while working at high-risk jobs can be dangerous. Following safety norms for front-line workers is vital as they can neglect to consider the finer safety aspects while doing routine operations. Some workers are known to take undue risky shortcuts that often go undetected. This behaviour can influence a vicious pattern that may lead to an accident, causing grave harm to all individuals around them (including themselves).

These safety programs also highlight the importance of employers’ and managers’ participation. Participation is achieved by providing fair and transparent management. You can partner with De Moura Lawson Consulting for victorious BBS safety programs across the Middle East. The consulting firm can ensure the awareness and involvement of all staff members by employing professional teams to mentor dynamic behaviour-based safety programs.

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