Equip Yourself With Work Clothes For Winter

Equip Yourself with Work Clothes for Winter

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When the first rains arrive and temperatures begin to drop, companies begin to realize that the time has come to buy work clothes for winter or renew work uniforms for the cold.

For jobs that take place outdoors and that are often subjected to low temperatures or inclement weather such as rain or strong winds, padded, fleece or waterproof fabrics should be chosen, that is, special work clothing should be adapted for cold.

At Work, manufacturer of work clothes for companies, we have updated our catalog of adapted work clothes so that workers are perfectly equipped during these dates and can carry out their work in the best conditions.

Below, we present some essential work clothes to combat the cold and rain that make up a winter work uniform.

Winter parkas for men and women

Its main feature is perfect impermeability. These waterproof parkas are also padded parkas and provide good thermal insulation, some models may also be equipped with a fleece lining inside. Elastic cuffs improve protection against the cold. It has heat-sealed seams that do not let water pass through, made of polyester and the possibility of combining with high-visibility fabrics.

It is an essential piece for workers who carry out their activity outdoors. They are available in a wide range of colors.

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Polar fleeces for work in winter

Completing a parka with a fleece lining allows the worker to increase the feeling of comfort and better equip himself against low temperatures. Within the men’s or women’s fleeces, we find many options, from basic fleece in a large selection of colors, to high-visibility fleece, that is, combined with high-visibility fabric.

Work is committed to a quality lining and makes the garment with a fabric weight of 280 grams in any of its formats and one hundred percent polyester, special yarns are used, which reduce pilling to a minimum, and increase the softness of the fabric, which that differentiates this garment as the best lining on the market.

Depending on the model they may contain pockets on the sides and front. With adjustable cuffs to get more warmth in the garment. Possibility of adapting the high visibility lining to a parka or rain suits.

Softshell jacket with detachable sleeves

It is one of the most comfortable and pleasant to the touch garments that can make up a winter work wardrobe. The Softshell jacket, with microfleece inside and removable sleeves, turns the Softshell jacket into a winter vest.

The reflective piping is decorative and the pockets make it a very functional jacket for work. Through its elastic cuffs and adjustable hood, it allows you to combat low temperatures and cold.

The Softshell jacket that Works offers as a workwear manufacturer is of high quality, made of polyester and elastane and has a density of 310 grams. A lightweight windbreaker jacket perfect against the cold.

Work jackets for the cold

Just like custom fleece, waterproof work jackets are one of the must-have pieces to complement a work uniform. Depending on the sector, jackets or bombers will be chosen to work with different characteristics.

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In work carried out outdoors, insulating or waterproof jackets should be selected, with heat-sealed seams and adjustable elastic cuffs, which withstand low temperatures and protect us from the cold, wind or rain. Its pockets allow you to store tools or materials.

Its composition is usually polyester, cotton or fabrics with antistatic properties. Some work jackets have a fleece inner collar for added warmth. You can also find jackets with detachable sleeves.

For greater safety, in conditions that require good visibility of the worker, they should buy a high visibility work jacket for work or construction, to easily recognize the worker.

Winter fleece lined work pants

Lined work pants are a staple when it comes to making the best winter workwear. Pants to work in construction, in the industrial, food sector or to carry out any other activity must be very comfortable, and preferably they should be elastic work pants. If, in addition, the day-to-day tasks are carried out at low temperatures, work pants for the cold with other additional properties such as waterproofing will be needed.

One of the first aspects to highlight in the characteristics of a pair of pants is whether they are going to be used by a man or a woman, since the pattern of work pants for women or the pattern of work pants for men can be different to adapt better to each body.

Work vests for winter

Vests are another garment that complements a good work uniform. In addition to fulfilling their shelter function, they allow the user free movement.

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Winter work vests are a very versatile garment since we can find waterproof vests, multi-pocket work vests that are very practical construction workwear for storing tools or personal belongings, or high-visibility vests, with reflective bands to facilitate the detection of the worker in the event of possible risks.

wet suits for work

Working in the cold is very uncomfortable, but working in the rain is even more so. To make these extreme situations more bearable, rain suits are a perfect solution. Its waterproof property allows outdoor work under rainy or humid conditions with a more comfortable feeling.

 This wetsuit is made of 100% polyester. It consists of two pieces, a rain parka and pants, waterproof due to their heat-sealed seams and adjustable hems. The badges allow the worker to be detected with low visibility. Very practical, equipped with pockets.

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