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Best Event Marketing Strategies & Ideas

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The first rule of a successful event is that you need to let people know about the event. The second rule of a successful event is to get people to attend the event, not just talk about it. We won’t go through all the rules, instead, we’ll tell you about the best ways you can promote your event.

Announce early bird tickets

People love a good discount. Especially if the goal of the early stages of promotion is to spread the word that an amazing event is coming up. Early bird tickets are a great way to get people to purchase tickets at a significantly lower price. As time passes and the event date is getting nearer, you can utilize the scarcity marketing strategy. You can ignite the fear that people will miss out on this exclusive price because it will last for a limited time. People react to things that will no longer be available to them. So, build a strategy around the early bird tickets and work your way up to the full ticket prices.

Team up with the right influencers

Influencers have a wide reach. If you team up with the right influencers that are relevant to your niche, your event will also get a wider reach. We all have to admit that we’ve either just looked at a product after an influencer talked about it or even bought it. So we all know the power of influencer marketing on Instagram.

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This power can be used to promote an event. The right influencer can promote your event and boost engagement with your social media channels.

Build a social media presence

Social media presence is necessary if you want to let people know about your event and let them access the information they need. You can communicate directly with your target audience on your social media channels. People can engage with your posts, look at your videos and share your posts as well. Of course, each type of social media has you need to tailor your social media strategy based on the channel of promotion. You can’t use the same type of posts on Instagram and LinkedIn, because your audience will be different. You can also use social media to build a community, especially if your event happens annually. The chances are that your audience will want to visit your event every time it takes place.

Use video content

Video content is a great way to give people glimpses of what they can expect at your upcoming event.

If you team up with an event management agency, you’ll ensure your videos are properly executed, engaging, and of high quality. Show what people will get if they sign up for your event, don’t just write about it. We’re all witnessing a change in social media content – the videos are taking over. So, along with all other event marketing steps, you should also invest your time into making a video marketing strategy and execute it with your team.

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Get people talking about the event

One of the ways to get people talking about the event, especially if it has several keynote speakers is to include them in your marketing strategy. Your keynote speakers can be like the ambassadors of your event. You can record videos of them speaking about the event, and those who see the video, either on the event’s social media or on the person’s website, can use a promo code assigned to the speaker in the video. Each ambassador can share their promo code with their community. Later, you can look at the data and see which promo code was used the most. That person is of high value to your marketing strategy and you can find similar people to also take part in your future events and spread the word across similar communities. As a result, you’ll target the right audience and get more people to attend your events.

Use email reminders to spark FOMO

Nothing sparks the urgency among people as the fear that they are missing out on something. Email marketing can be used for this purpose to spark FOMO among people on your mailing list. Especially if people registered to your lists but still haven’t bought the ticket for the event. These people should receive a gentle reminder that the tickets are running out and that it’s their last chance to get their tickets.

Build an informative website

There should be one perfectly designed place where people can get all the information they need about the upcoming event. That place is your website. Everything other than your website has limited space to speak about your event. On the other hand, you can have an entire website talking about your event and get more real estate to promote your event. Here you can also have a blog section and cover topics that are relevant to your event. People can also sign up for the event, preregister or join your mailing list to get exclusive information and content. You can also use your social media to drive people to your website and spread the word.

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Invest in paid promotion

If you want to attract your target audience to your event, you need to target the right audience. Don’t ignore the power and reach of a paid campaign. Especially during the era of people having six hours of social media time daily, it would be a waste not to utilize this to your advantage. Your existing social media activity and efforts can be put to use. Look into the data to find a post that has high engagement. You can use it in your paid promotion. If you worry about people being fatigued because they saw your video too many times already, create a similar post and use it to attract your target audience.

Lastly, deliver what you promised during your event marketing strategy. A successful event is not just the one that has the best marketing strategy. It’s the one that delivers high value for money and gives people what they came for.

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