Everything You Need To Know About Sapphire Heights

The most luxurious residential and commercial project in Blue World City is Sapphire Heights. It is a brand new project introduced at the best location of the twin cities to meet the needs of the residents. It is ideally present at 129 School Avenue and offers the best accessibility to all major landmarks. This article aims to provide all the basic information about the project to readers and investors searching for the best investment opportunity and apartments with a great profit deal. We will cover all the information you cannot find anywhere else in this article. So, let’s start with a basic introduction to Sapphire Heights. 

Sapphire Heights Introduction

One of the most luxurious projects in Blue World City is Sapphire Heights which is spread over an area of 2830 sq. ft. It is the project of Mr. Bilal Afzal, who wants to offer the best commercial investment options to investors. This project has 1-bed and 2-bed apartments with commercial shops at the best reasonable prices. One of the best things about the project is that it has the ideal location and is located in the city’s most prominent place. 

Due to the project’s ideal location, it offers connectivity to other localities, so one can easily reach Sapphire Heights and from here to other major locations. We have many points to discuss in this project, so let’s move toward the main detail without further dragging it.

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Location Highlights

First, if we talk about the Sapphire Heights location, it is situated at 129 School Avenue in Blue World City. It is the center of many major landmarks at the most demanding location. We all know that the location of any project, particularly the real estate project, has the utmost importance not only for the investors but for the developers and owners. Every developer wishes to set the project at the most prominent location of the city, and the investors wish the project in which they are investing must be at the ideal place.  

So in the case of Sapphire heights, you do not need to worry because it is in the city’s ideal location. In addition, the location factor increases the overall project value, and the current investment in this project ensures a great return in the future. 

Developers and owners

The next thing that people should know about the project is its developers and owners. The owner and developer of Sapphire Heights are Mr. Bilal Afzal, the CEO of Sapphire Properties. He has been in the real estate market for several years and has experience in offering one of the best quality projects. The purpose of developing this commercial project is to improve the country’s economic status and promote business.  

Sapphire Heights Master Plan

Let’s discuss the most important thing about the project: Sapphire Heights Master Plan. The master plan of the project is designed in a way that it has offices, shops, and apartments available in the project where you can invest and book. The shops are available on the lower ground floor whereas offices are available on the ground, mezzanine floor, and first floor. The apartments are present on the second, third, and fourth floors. The apartments are one-bed studio apartments, and two-bed apartments are available for sale. So, it is the choice of the investor to invest in what they look for the potential of high return in the future.

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Payment Plan

The developers reasonably set the Sapphire Heights Payment Plan. They have set budget-friendly rates that are affordable for almost all income investors. In addition, the payment plan is further divided into easy installment plans of 12 months, which means that the investors have to pay the total amount in 12 installments. The down payment for booking your apartment is 10%, which you must pay in advance. 

All the apartments and shops are available for sale in the project except offices on the ground floor and mezzanine floor. It is because of this reason that offices on these floors have been completely sold out. But it does not mean you do not have the option to invest in Sapphire Heights Islamabad because the office on the first floor is available for sale. 

Sapphire Heights NOC

The NOC of any project is known as the No objection Certificate to start the project and commence any development work in it. If we talk about the Sapphire Heights NOC status, there are many queries about the NOC of this commercial project. So, if you also have the same concern, you do not need to worry, as the NOC of Sapphire Heights is under Blue World City Developers. They have permission to commence the project, so the authorities approve it. 

Therefore, you do not need to worry about the No Objection Certificate of Sapphire Heights. 

Why Invest In This Project?

So, here comes the question of why you should invest in Sapphire Heights. However, all the above reasons are sufficient to explain why this project is worth your investment. The most important reason is that it is like a one-stop shop. Here you find offices, shops, and apartments in one place. In addition, the location and the affordable payment plan is the second most important reason to invest in this project. So, we believe you can reach the heights of glory and live a luxurious lifestyle by investing in this project. 

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Moreover, if you want other investment options, consider investing in Citi Housing Kharian. From an investment perspective, it is another best real estate projects. 

Final Thought

In the article, we have discussed Sapphire Heights in detail with its location, owners, developers, payment plan, master plan, and NOC status. So, after reading the article, we hope you have enough information about the project and can now make your decision easily and wisely. So, don’t get late and invest now in this great project, as bookings are open at the most affordable prices.

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