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Everything You Need To Know About the Clipsal Dimmer Switches this Year

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When someone enters a room, lighting is the thing that creates the first impression.

However, people use different rooms for various purposes requiring varying light ranges. Hence installing a Clipsal iconic dimmer may be a suitable option to save energy and adjust light levels from almost dark to fully lit. It can be done by simply turning a knob or sliding a lever.

This article looks inside one of these everyday residential application devices, an integral part of the lighting system.

Definition and working principle of the Dimmer switch

It is a variant of the potentiometer that regulates the flow of electricity and adjusts the illumination of light controlling the current passing through the lamp. 

Light sources such as LED, Halogen, and CFL are controllable using the dimmer switch in any part of the home. You can use them for either incandescent or fluorescent lighting. However, they are not interchangeable, ensure to buy the right kind. 

Now how does it work? The answer is pretty simple. Dimmer switches have a variable controller that controls electricity flow affecting the electrical cycle by slowing it to obtain dimmed lights and speeding it for brighter lights. This is an excellent alternative to fit your mood better and save a few bucks on the electric bill. 

You may have yet to consider installing what is sometimes known as an indoor motion sensor light before, but a dimmer light switch can be a complement throughout your home.

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Features of a Dimmer Switch 

Dimmer switches are available in a wide range that differs from one another in terms of the following:

1.  Principle of operation

2. Design solutions

3. Type of adjustment device

4. Compatibility with various types of lamps.

Every switch comes with a rheostat to change the current resistance using a system of resistors. And as the resistance decreases, the current strength increases, brightening the light flux and vice versa. 

On the other hand, resistive switches are ineffective energy consumption optimizers as they wholly turn the electrical energy into heat, nullifying the saving of resources.

Different varieties of Dimmer Switches 

Depending on the functionality, dimmer switches are available from a simple two-way to a more modern LED dimmer switch. Here are some different types:

1. Smart dimmer switches

2. Three-way dimmer switches

3. Light-emitting diode (LED) switches

Once you decide on the bulbs you wish to install, consider which controllers will work best for your needs. Here are some controller types for the Clipsal iconic dimmer switches available today:

1. Rotary-style knobs turning left and right

2. Toggle switches slide up and down, fading or intensifying the light 

3. Wall-box or touchable dimmers are mounted inside the wall switch box and are designed to control multiple presets throughout an entire room or respond to a simple hand touch without a controller.

Other types work with remote controls allowing changes to the room’s lighting, just like changing a TV channel. 

Perfect location to install a dimmer switch 

If you want to save energy throughout your house, you might consider installing one in every homeroom.

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To begin with, install the dimmer switches where they need them most. This is the same even for those rooms where lighting is unpredictable. These are stances to save energy with dimmer switches. 

However, on the whole, any room is suitable for installing a dimmer. Installing in bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, living rooms, dens, porches, or decks are excellent choices to give your lifestyle an artful touch.

Around the year advantages of dimmer switches

Unlike the indoor motion sensor light, a dimmer switch is a viable option for rooms requiring diverse lighting. If you’ve been considering whether dimmer switches are worth installing for your home, read more about their benefits below.

● Longer Lifespan

Using dimmers adds longevity to your light bulbs by lowering the time of energy exertion, making your light bulb last 4 times longer.

● Changeable ambience

You can accurately set the tone of a room, improving the functionality because they automatically unlock multiple levels of lighting.

● Electricity bill saving

A decrease in the light you use results in lower energy bills. Also, you are contributing to the world’s energy savings and switching to an eco-friendly environment.


Nowadays, even some energy-efficient compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs are also dimmable. Mostly, they are not dangerous if your bulb and dimmer switch match. Before installing or replacing the ones you have, consult an expert electrician about the benefits of the Clipsal iconic dimmer.

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