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Everything You Need To Know When Buying Car Tyres

Everything You Need To Know When Buying Car Tyres

Car tyres require regular inspection, maintenance, and repair to remain in the right working order. They are responsible for the vehicle traction on road and support the vehicle weight to ensure smooth running. However, all types of car tyres have a specific life span, and after that their replacement is crucial to ensure a safe drive. 

 Buying car tyres is a highly expensive and time-consuming process that requires complete awareness of the main features, top brands, and age of the tyres. Various physical and online portals are providing a huge collection of car tyres in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other areas of the world. One can easily select any type of car tyres according to their car needs and budget. 

Selection of the right car tyres from a massive collection of sizes, designs, and brands is a daunting task as it involves a lot of aspects to consider. However, following the manual guide and considering some crucial aspects can help you to buy the perfect car tyres.

Tyre Code 

Regardless of the size and type, every car tyre has a specific code that reveals its important aspects. With the help of this code, one can easily get all the crucial information about the manufacturing place, age, date, width, length, diameter, and speed of the tyre. Therefore, it’s crucial to know about tyre codes and their importance before buying new car tyres. 

You can also take help from a manual guide to understand different terms of tyre code.

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Another important thing to know before buying car tires is the age of tyres. It depends on the size, and quality of the tyres. Most car tyres with average quality and price have a life span of 10,000m. While the tyres of luxury cars also have a 30,000 m lifespan. Almost all car tyres perform best for 5-10 years. 


The selection of perfect car tyres with accurate size is crucial to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. The use of wrong-size tyres not only impacts the car’s performance but can also cause road accidents which can prove to be fatal. Therefore, make sure to follow the car manual guide to buy perfect-size car tyres. 

Fuel Consumption 

Another factor that can help you to choose the right car tyres is fuel consumption. It is described in tyre code and car manual which size or type of tyre consumes what amount of fuel. Therefore, it’s highly recommended to choose good quality tyres that can provide an excellent driving experience with minimum fuel consumption. 

The credibility of Tyre Store 

The selection of a credible tyre store is also essential to buy branded tyres such as Nexen tyres at affordable rates. You can visit their comment section to check previous customer reviews and their SEO rankings to ensure their credibility. 

Wrapping up 

To sum it up! Buying car rubbers involves all aspects of tyres and their relation with vehicle speed, ride efficiency, and road security. Follow this guide and buy the perfect rubber pads for your vehicle. Make sure to prioritize quality and durability instead of price and market trends. It will help you to avoid any troubles or accidents during travelling.

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