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Experience an Unforgettable Monorail Ride in Dubai

Monorail Ride Dubai

Take in the sights and sounds of Dubai on a unique monorail ride! From the spectacular skyline to the breathtaking views of the city, hop aboard the monorail for an unforgettable experience. Book your ticket today to reminisce in this majestic city with friends and family and make memorable moments.

Discover the Unique Views from the Monorail

Experience the unique views of Dubai from the comfort of the monorail. Viewers will be able to watch as the city passes by at a slow and steady speed, allowing for optimal sightseeing. Witness iconic monuments, vibrant nightlife and much more up close with an unforgettable journey in Dubai’s high-speed monorail.

Learn About Dubai’s Culture & History Along the Way

Explore the culture and history of Dubai aboard the monorail. Learn about how the city has developed over time, discover fascinating stories behind its sightseeing spots, and learn all sorts of interesting facts along your ride. The monorail route will take you past iconic attractions such as Burj Al Arab and The Dubai Fountain so you can enjoy crafting a unique story of your visit.

Enjoy an Exclusive Ride in a State-of-the-Art Monorail Carriage

Discover the Dubai cityscape from the view of a state-of-the-art monorail carriage on a journey of unbeatable comfort and safety. With air conditioning and social distancing ensured, you can sit back in comfortable seats and enjoy views of the city skyline along your journey. Keep an eye out for iconic sights such as The Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, and Souk Al Bahar!

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Find Out Where You Can Stop and Explore on Foot

Experience the thrill of an actual tram ride like a local and make stops at some of the city’s main attractions. View the beautiful Palm Jumeirah as you head up towards Burj Al Arab, making a stop at Dubai Marina Mall to explore its many stores. Continue your journey to the signature landmark- Burj Khalifa and disembark at Downtown Dune for exhibitions, entertainment, events and more!

Get Tips to Make Your Monorail Experience Truly Unforgettable!

To make your monorail experience truly unforgettable, consider taking the time to explore interesting spots along the route. Take in breathtaking city skyline views from the comfort of the air-conditioned cabins as you stop at different locations; capture photos that will last a lifetime; and pick up souvenirs