Experience The Brain Boosting Benefits Of Top Reformer Classes In California


Have you heard about the fact, “Physical fitness is the first basic need of happiness?”

It is irrefutable that the functioning of your brain and your associated emotional state are heavily linked to the activity and movement of your body.

So, what does this have to do with Pilates reformer?

Well, from increased abdominal and muscular strength to greater flexibility and enhanced lung capacity, we all know the benefits of enrolling in the top reformer classes in California.


“Did you know the benefits of reformer Pilates also apply to your emotional and mental health?”

These benefits of Pilates reformer are more essential than ever in a time when lots of people have been struggling with devastating mental health issues and damaging emotions, including grief, stress, and sadness due to the COVID-19 virus.

Even apart from this pandemic, our advanced world is drenched with distractions, stressors, and chaos that drive us all to search for inner peace.

Now, while the Pilates reformer benefits you will find from joining a class are slightly different from that of the mat or solo Pilates, the main reason we suggest you take a class is due to the qualified guidance and advice of the trainer.

When you join the top reformer classes in California, the professionals can read your body, recognize the signs of stress and strain, as well as advise you on the perfect form which will significantly enhance your wellness journey.

So, if you are looking for a therapeutic break, reformer classes are exactly what you need.

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Here are some major benefits of joining reformer classes. Let’s have a look:

Improve Your Memory and Make You Smarter

Did you know that starting in the late 20s, the brain starts to shrink?

Yes, that is completely true. From this early age, the portion of the brain responsible for memory and cognitive function begins shrinking by 1% every year.

But don’t worry! This process can be slowed down and even reversed through Pilates reformer exercise. Workouts like Pilates which center on mindful movement, enhance neurogenesis, the creation of new brain cells in the hippocampus, increasing your capacity to learn. Pilates reformer provides lots of health benefits, including better memory, low risk of Alzheimer’s disease, better learning, problem-solving, higher IQ, and better brain functions.

You Can Calm Your Mind And Emotions

If we talk about meditation, people likely think of a Buddhist monk or a new-age hippy who collects energy crystals humming atop a mountain, right?

However, this highly formulaic view of meditation is just one probable form of it. Another is mindfulness, simultaneously one of the best health benefits of Pilates and the reason it so often gets confused with Yoga.

Pilates reformer in requiring you to concentrate deeply on the positioning and readjustment of the body calls for you to clear your mind. This exercise helps you enjoy all the benefits of traditional meditation or mindfulness- without sitting still.

Help Train Your Mind

Brain training is also one of the biggest benefits of Pilates reform. Learning activities help to increase the density of white matter in the brain, ergo the fibers that help neurons communicate. This exercise helps mental multitasking and memory. The benefits of Pilates reformer stretch to both our body and mind as well at the same time.

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Relieve Stress in the Body and Mind

In today’s fast-growing time, you cannot deal with issues in the same way your ancestors would. Flight and fight for so many of the professional and social situations you find yourself in just does not cut it, so the stress hormones released in those situations have nowhere to go.

So what happens?

These stress hormones lead to severe health issues like hypertension, muscle spasms, poor sleep, low self-esteem, and mood swings.

With a Pilates reformer, you can metabolize these stress hormones through gentle stretching and slow conditioning.

The bottom line:

If you really want to experience these benefits, why not join fitness classes near Granada Hills? It is not good to compromise your health to get some enjoyment. Enjoy your days by adding a Pilates workout to your routine life. Hire the best and most well-trained instructor and live a healthy and happy life!

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