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Experience the Magic of Miracle Garden Dubai

Miracle Garden

Have you ever thought of creating your own miracle garden? If you are, you are not alone! These gardens are very beautiful and can have a lot of benefits. You can get a lot of flowers, butterflies and sculptures, too.

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Petunia flowers

The Miracle Garden in Dubai is one of the best displays of Petunia flowers in the world. Located in the desert, it is a feast for the eyes. It is the brainchild of architect Abdel Naser Rahhal. He worked on the design with landscape firm Akar Landscaping Services.

The miracle garden boasts more than 60 million plants. These are the largest in the world, and many are more than a foot tall. They are decorated with 120 different varieties of flowers, including petunias. There are also marigolds, geraniums, and other fragrant flowering plants.

Among the many Petunias that call Dubai home, the Surfinia Blue Veined Petunia stands out. This plant is not only the most fragrant, but is also the most beautiful. Another notable flower is the purple and white Petunia, a low maintenance plant that reaches 10 inches in height.

The Dubai Miracle Garden also houses the largest number of petunias in the world. Although, it is unlikely that you will ever see them all.


Dubai Butterfly Garden is one of the world’s largest butterfly gardens. Located in the Global Village, the garden offers visitors the chance to see more than 15,000 butterflies of more than 50 species.

The garden is a unique experience for the entire family. Kids will love the butterfly park, which gives them plenty of opportunities to pick up and handle colorful butterflies. It is also a good way to learn about the life cycle of butterflies.

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Butterflies are a symbol of transformation and youth. You can visit the butterfly museum and learn about their life cycle and other facts.

The garden features water features and enchanting little houses. You can see over 50 million flowers and enjoy an array of activities.

There is a special passage called Butterfly Passage. This is a new floral theme that was recently introduced at Miracle Garden.

You can learn about the life cycles of different kinds of butterflies, as well as see them live. You can also enjoy a special experience in the evening hours.

Watering system

If you are looking for a way to water your flower garden, it is best to find an efficient watering system. The type of flower garden you are interested in, the climate you live in, and your available resources are all factors that should be considered.

When it comes to choosing a watering system, look for a reliable, well-maintained, and dependable model. This will save you time, energy, and money. You can even use a battery-operated timer, which is easy to program and will help you to conserve water and energy.

For those who are familiar with the Miracle Garden, you may have heard about the watering system used to keep it alive. It’s a drip irrigation system that uses recycled waste water.

The Miracle Garden has a variety of flowers, such as sunflowers, peacocks, and butterflies. The garden has more than 109 million blooming flowers, making it the largest flower garden in the world.

In addition to its impressive flower arrangements, the Miracle Garden also features a number of sculptures and layouts. In fact, there are 120 varieties of plants and flowers displayed at the garden.

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If you are in Dubai, you should definitely visit the Flower Lady Sculpture in Miracle Garden. It is an impressive sculptural display which captivates the imagination of its visitors. This garden has been designed by Akar Landscaping Services and is an amazing sight to see. Featuring a floral castle, it transports its visitors into a fairy tale dream.

The sculpture is a depiction of a lady taking care of plants at the Miracle Garden. Her hat holds the water of the pond, and her arms are decorated with colorful flowers. She has a mole on her left cheek and prominent moles on her right cheek, making her a very attractive figure.

In fact, the Flower Lady Sculpture is one of the most popular attractions at the Dubai Miracle Garden. This sculptural display has been part of the Miracle Garden for a few years now. Currently, there are two of them. One is located at the bank of the pond, while the other is situated in a different location. They appear to be sister figures.