Expert Level Dog Treat Branding Tips From Established Brands

Expert Level Dog Treat Branding Tips from Established Brands

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The dog food market is becoming increasingly crowded, with more and more brands entering the market. As consumer needs change, brands are responding by offering niche products that meet specific needs, such as sustainability, medical conditions, and food quality.

This allows them to target their market better and differentiate themselves from competitors. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the unique branding strategies that some companies have used to stand out in this market.

A Focus on the Environment

Bug Bakes is a brand that offers a unique concept in the dog food market. They focus on the environmental impact of dog food production and offer an alternative to traditional animal protein sources by using insects as the primary source of protein in their kibble.

This approach is not only more sustainable, but it also offers a complete and veterinarian-approved diet for dogs. The brand also emphasizes its commitment to sustainability by using plastic-free packaging and promoting a circular economy. This different approach sets them apart from traditional dog food brands and offers a sustainable alternative to the market.

Personalized Online Purchases

The Farmer’s Dog is a company that produces fresh, human-grade dog food that is delivered to customers’ homes. The company aims to provide dogs with a diet that is similar to what they would eat in the wild, with a focus on whole ingredients and minimal processing.

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They offer a variety of different recipes to meet the needs of different dogs, and their ingredients are sourced from trusted farmers and suppliers. The Farmer’s Dog’s goal is to give pet owners more transparency and control over what they feed their dogs and to provide a healthier, more natural alternative to traditional kibble.

Natural and Organic Foods

Lily’s Kitchen’s target market is pet owners who are looking for high-quality, natural, and organic ingredients in their pet food. The brand emphasizes the quality of its products, the organic and natural ingredients, and the absence of gluten, in order to promote better digestion.

Additionally, the brand uses attractive and appealing packaging to communicate a natural, organic, and high-quality message to its target market. Having custom hang holes for smaller products create good visibility for any brand.

Good-Quality Food for Man’s Best Friend

Taste of the Wild is an American brand that sells premium dog food and targets customers who are concerned about the quality of the food they give to their dogs. Their mission is to make a kibble that satisfies dogs’ natural instincts and that is of high quality.

Therefore, their kibble is grain-free and formulated to mimic the diet of wild dogs, like wolves, who survive by hunting in the wild. The brand’s packaging is also designed to evoke these wild instincts and evokes the image of wolves in nature, emphasizing the link between dogs and their wild ancestors.

Diets Suitable for Dogs With Health Issues

Royal Canin is a well-known dog food brand that produces a wide range of kibble products for dogs of different sizes, breeds, and health conditions. They have a line of veterinary diets that are formulated to address specific health issues such as gastrointestinal issues, kidney problems, and more. These diets are available only through veterinarians and are designed to provide specialized nutrition to support dogs with specific health concerns.

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The packaging design of Royal Canin’s veterinary diets is simple and straightforward, which gives the impression of a serious, professional product that is intended for use in a veterinary setting.

Additionally, the company works closely with veterinarians, and their products are often found in veterinary clinics and hospitals. Using such a spartan look with glossy custom film bags creates the best backdrop. This close association with the veterinary community helps to build trust and confidence in the brand among pet owners. It also reinforces the message that Royal Canin’s veterinary diets are a reliable and effective option for supporting dogs with specific health issues.

Branding Strategies

While the above brands have all implemented unique branding strategies to differentiate themselves in the market, there are many other approaches that can be taken. By utilizing unique branding strategies, such as a focus on sustainability, offering personalized online purchases, providing natural and organic foods, selling high-quality kibble for dogs in professionally printed packaging, and producing specialized diets for dogs with health issues, these companies have been able to differentiate themselves in the saturated dog food market and build strong relationships with their target customers.

Talk to print branding professionals to start your journey and have that discussion about how you want your pet brand to stand out in the market.